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565. Riverwalk Brewing IPA

Riverwalk IPAI’ve recently expanded my territory and travels to include Massachusetts so you can expect to see more beers from that area. My recent trip included growlers from Riverwalk, Berkshire and Newburyport Brewing as well as some Jacks Abby bottles.

This growler from Riverwalk was their IPA. When I start drinking beer from a new brewery I usually start with their pale ale or IPA as they are the two styles I drink most often. Riverwalk IPA has a great orange color with a thick white head. Excellent lacing on the glass and overall just a nice looking beer. The aroma and taste both lean toward the earthy, spicy, floral instead of the citrus that many IPAs have.

Riverwalk IPA was a nice change from the West Coast IPAs that most brewers are producing. Give it a try if you see it on tap or take a trip to the brewery you will not be disappointed. 
Great mix of floral, spicy hops
Alcohol Content: 6.75% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 84
Brewers Website: Riverwalk Brewing
Brewers Description: Our RiverWalk IPA is a liquid ode to hops. IPA is all about what makes American brewing great. We wanted our IPA to be easy to drink, so there is just enough bitterness to help balance the beer. The use of lighter malts allows the hops to shine through and provides a dry finish to this beer. The aroma is strong and forceful with citrus, pine and floral notes. Our final step before packaging is a double dry-hopping regimen that packs as much hoppy goodness into the beer as possible. This beer is great for those who want to
“go green!”