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736. Port Brewing Mongo IPA

Port Brewing Mongo IPAThis was the final IPA included in my box from New Jersey and like the others it is probably not a fair review as I am not sure how old the bottle was. This beer should be right up my alley with an ABV of 8.5% and a nice mix of hops however it seemed to be lacking.

Appearance is what I expect from a DIPA with a deep orange and thick off white head. Aroma was more malt than hops with a nice sweetness and only a hint of spicy / floral hops. Taste followed with the addition of some pine.

Overall a solid beer that may have suffered due to age but I prefer the citrus / tropical hops to the floral / pepper / spice.

Alcohol Content: 8.5% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Port Brewing
Brewers Description: A tribute beer brewed to honor the memory of our fallen soldier Columbus (nicknamed Mongo) who used each of his 9 lives in his short (but brazen) ten months on this planet.

Mongo begins with a massive resinous aroma created by the judicious use of Columbus, Amarillo and Cascade hops. The initial taste reveals notes of Orange, Mango and citrus fruits with a piney bitterness and hoppy spice with some mild malt flavors on the finish.

385. Port Brewing High Tide Fresh Hop IPA

Port Brewing High Tide IPAThis is another beer I received from my Beertography Beer it Forward and is certainly the best of the bunch so far. I still have several others to get to but this one was an excellent find.

Appearance is a very crisp orange with a single finger off white head. Tons of hop aroma with a lot of pine and a bit of citrus and floral. Taste is all hops, not sure what combination of hops they use but the end result is a bit of everything coming through. This beer is smooth and very easy to drink at 6.5% ABV.

Really enjoyed this one from Port Brewing and look forward to trying more of their beer in the future. 
Lots and lots of hops
Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Port Brewing
Brewers Description: Each and every fall, we experience a coastal experience in San Diego known as the “Super High Tide.” This happens later in the Fall Season when the tidal swings reach a range of about 8 feet in difference between low and high tides. When this happens, there are days when the tide just gets too high and flattens out the surf. The lineups shut down and surfers are left to wait until the High Tide recedes.

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