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585. Prairie Artisan Ales The Beer That Saved Christmas

Prairie ChristmasThis is my least favorite Prairie beer so far and it may have been the style more than the beer itself. I took this out of the beer fridge knowing that it was a dark beer but thinking it was a dark saison not an old ale with a 10% ABV. I really should look at the label before I open beers so I know what I am getting into.

Beer pours an almost black color with a thick tan head. Aroma of dark fruit and malt, nothing too exciting. Taste is very similar to the nose with a slight brett funk added to it. If you want to try some Prairie beer I would recommend you start with their Prairie ale, Merica or Puncheon unless you really like old ales and then you can give this one a shot.
Alcohol Content: 10% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Prairie Artisan Ales
Brewers Description:

318. Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog

I really enjoy Smuttynose’s Big Beer Series and liked the Old Brown Dog when I reviewed it almost a year ago so it is no surprise that this one scored well with me. What did surprise me was the alcohol content of this one. I had this while cooking dinner on the grill and beer just goes down to quickly when you are cooking meat on a grill and I didn’t really pay attention to the ABV before starting. By the time the burgers were done so was I as finished most of the 22 oz bomber while cooking and was walking a little crooked when I came back in the house.

Beer pours a deep brown with a nice two finger off white head. Aroma is sweet malt and dark fruit and very inviting. Taste follows the aroma with lots of sweet malts, dark fruit, molasses and maybe a touch of alcohol. Mouthfeel is very smooth and goes down far too easy for a 10.9% ABV beer.

Even if you usually do not enjoy brown ales you should give this one a try as it is a wonderful beer that will leave you happy. 
Alcohol is well masked
Cons: Hits harder than it tastes
Alcohol Content: 10.9% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 20
Rating: ★★★★☆
Brewers Website: Smuttynose
Brewers Description: Old Ale (also known as “Stock” Ale), is a full-bodied beer with high levels of dextrins. In times past, this beer was typically laid up to mature, hence the name. The color varies from rich, dark amber to a very dark brown. This style features fruity, vinuous & deep, malty flavors, giving it an almost port-like qualities. Sight acidity is not uncommon.

Olive, iconic mascot & spirit guide of our brewery, first appeared on our Old Brown Dog label in 1994 & returned, thirteen years later, to pose for our Really Old Brown Dog, a luscious, malt-rich, full bodied “old ale” featuring deep notes of complex fruit. Much like our beloved Olive, this beer will mellow & age gracefully.