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180. Ninkasi Brewing Tricerahops Double IPA

This is another Double/Imperial IPA from my letspour.com order. Quite an impressive lineup of craft beer and 6 bombers for $32 shipped is not a bad deal. Enjoyed this on a drab winter day but this beer made it brighter. The color alone will get your attention. Aroma has some pine, citrus but is fairly light for a DIPA. Taste is surprisingly smooth for a beer with 8.8% ABV and that claims to have a 100 IBU rating. I am not sure I believe the 100 IBU but have very little to compare it to as not many brewers make the leap above 60. If you are looking for an over the top hop experience look elsewhere, if you prefer a more balanced approach than give this one a try. Really enjoyed my Tricerahops and would not mind having another.
Pros: Color, balanced
Cons: Not available locally
Alcohol Content: 8.8% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 100
Rating: ★★★☆
Brewers Website: Ninkasi Brewing
Brewers Description: On the bottle: Tricerahops is double everything you already love in an IPA. More hops, more malt body and a higher gravity define this Double India Pale Ale. Fiercely flavorful, guaranteed to satisfy.

Tasting Notes: Double IPA’s are noted for their hop profiles. Earthy and floral hop aroma and flavor are abundent in Tricerahops. The bigger body and higher alcohol balance the large volume of hops to create a beer that is very flavorful while still being balanced and drinkable. At 8.8% the beer can be deceiving as it is very smooth.
Food Pairings: Buffalo, Lamb, Pork, Ceviche, Wild Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Short Bread