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689. Siren Craft Brew Lemon Cello IPA

Siren Craft Lemon CelloPicked this bottle up at Hill Farmstead as they had a hand in brewing this one. Not sure the entire back story but apparently Mikkeller was also involved.

Lemon Cello pours a cloudy orange color with a nice white head. From there it is all lemon, aroma is lemon zest/juice. Taste is very much the same with a tart sour lemon that lingers long after you swallow. Alcohol is well hidden.

Overall a decent beer that is worth trying but it pales by comparison with the IPAs being brewed at Hill Farmstead.
Pros: Unique
Alcohol Content: 9.1% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness):
Brewers Website: Siren Craft Brew
Brewers Description: This is a truly different beer. The concept was to develop the flavour and mouthfeel of Limoncello and fuse with the carbonation and lemony hop hit of an IPA. Using pale and wheat malts, the base beer goes through a 24 hour sour process to add to the tartness of the beer. Tons of lemon zest and juice are added to the boil along with all the citrusy lemony hops available.