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808. Hill Farmstead Song of Joy

Hill Farmstead Song of JoyI really enjoyed Hoponius Union from Jacks Abby so I have been on the lookout for more IPLs. Hill Farmstead released Song of Joy in August and I grabbed a 750 on one of my many visits to Greensboro.

Unlike most of the beers from Hill Farmstead Song of Joy pours a super clean and clear pale yellow, as a lager should. Aroma is light with some nice pale malts and earthy hops, a bit of grapefruit as well but mostly herbal, grassy hops here. Taste is incredibly clean and bright with a nice lager start followed up with a fair amount of citrus, herbal and grassy hops. Only slightly bitter in the finish and very refreshing.

Another excellent beer from Shaun Hill. 

Alcohol Content: 6.0% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Hill Farmstead
Brewers Description: Hoppy India Pale Lager

793. Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union

Jacks Abby Hoponius UnionAnother beer from Jack’s Abby Brewing; Hoponius Union seems to be their most popular beer and is widely available on draft, in bottles and growlers at the brewery. I’ve tried the beer on draft multiple times so when I went to the brewery I opted for the 64 ounce growler.

Hoponius pours a nice orange color with solid white head. Aroma has a nice sweet base like many other lagers but the hops also come through with some nice spicy, citrus and tropical notes. Taste follows with the same sweet malt base and crisp clean hops add plenty of grass, citrus and pine. Finish is super clean and only slightly bitter.

This beer would satisfy most hoppy beer fans need for hops. Hopefully Jack’s Abby will start distributing in Maine soon. 
Super clean and refreshing
Alcohol Content: 6.7% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 65
Brewers Website: Jack’s Abby Brewing
Brewers Description: 
Hoponius Union harmoniously combines lager yeast fermentation and West Coast IPA hops. Our India style Pale Lager is like a traditional IPA but with a twist – it’s fermented cold and aged for extended periods. A blend of classic American hops creates a huge tropical fruit and citrusy hop aroma. A dry finish accentuates the pleasant bitterness and hop profile.

716. Sierra Nevada / Ballast Point Electric Ray IPL

Sierra Nevada Ballast Point Electric RayThis is my favorite beer so far from the Beer Camp 12-pack. An India Pale Lager from Sierra Nevada and Ballast Point, both of California.

Electric Ray pours a nice clear orange with a single finger white head. Aroma is mild but pleasant with some citrus hops and a light sweetness. Taste pretty much follows the nose with some pine thrown in and a nice bitterness in the finish.

So far this is the only beer from the 12-pack that I would buy again. 

Alcohol Content: 8.5% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 70
Brewers Website: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp
Brewers Description: As ever, San Diego’s Ballast Point looked to the sea for the inspiration behind Electric Ray. A play on the fish’s scientific name—Torpedo californica—this beer pays homage to our mutual home state, as well as to our Hop Torpedo, the source of much of the big flavor in this high voltage, hop-forward Imperial Pale Lager.

Ballast Point brought their homebrewing dreams to the big leagues and started brewing professionally, but they never forgot their roots. They still run a successful homebrewing supply shop in San Diego. A love for hops and the ocean inspire incredible brewed and distilled offerings, and their one-of-a-kind labels boast some beautiful, and sometimes gnarly-lookin’, fish.

606. Jack’s Abby Brewing Kiwi Rising

Jack's Abby Kiwi RisingWhen I first heard about Kiwi Rising I thought it was a beer that used kiwi in the process however the name comes from the New Zealand hops and has nothing to do with the kiwi fruit. I picked this up at Julio’s in Mass, this store has an excellent selection of beer and lots of stuff that we cannot get in Maine. This bottle was about $6 which is not terrible but it is only 16.9 oz not a full 22 oz bomber.

The color a pale orange with a very thick white head with large bubbles. Aroma has lots of fruity hops; grapefruit, pineapple and a bit of grass. Really appealing beer both in looks and smell. Taste is also excellent with the hops front and center. Finish is slightly bitter and the alcohol is not apparent at all. This drinks like a 5% beer so it could be dangerous.

Overall very impressed with Kiwi Rising and the Double IPL style. You don’t see too many Double IPLs out there but the few that I have had I really enjoyed.  Much more so than some of the other styles I try to like; black IPA, white IPA, etc.
Lots of hops
Alcohol Content: 8.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 105
Brewers Website: Jack’s Abby
Brewers Description: This is an intensely hoppy and strong lager that we refer to as a Double India Pale Lager. Over four pounds of hops per BBL of New Zealand hops (Kiwi Hops) were used in progressively larger hop additions throughout the brewing process. Four kettle hop additions, whole leaf hops in the hop back, and multiple dry hop additions infuse an intense floral and citrusy aroma. No kiwifruit or kiwi birds were used in the production of this beer.