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497. Henniker Brewing Hop Slinger IPA

Henniker Brewing Hop SlingerThis is the second beer from Henniker brewing – Hop Slinger IPA. Henniker is only available in New Hampshire at beverage stores throughout the State and at select restaurants, bars and at the brewery.

I had high hopes for this beer being a fairly local IPA at a reasonable price point but unfortunately I found a completely average IPA. Appearance may be the best part of this beer with a deep copper color and thick off white head. Aroma has some pine hops but also more malt than I expect in an IPA. Taste follows with a mild hop presence and plenty of malt, seems like they were going for a well balanced IPA and just overdid it on the malt.

Overall this is not a bad beer but not something that I would seek out again and in a market with lots of IPAs you really need to stand out to catch my attention. 

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 65
Brewers Website: Henniker Brewing
Brewers Description: An India Pale Ale – gets its golden copper color from the light caramel malts, which provide a solid backbone to the support all the great hops.  This beer presents with an overwhelming citrus aroma that leads into an unmistakable flavor of grapefruit.  Hop Slinger leaves you with a nice dry bitterness that pairs well with spicy curries, salty fried foods and ginger based desserts.

447. Henniker Brewing Amber Apparition

Henniker Brewing Amber ApparitionAmber ales are tough for me. There are very few that stand out from the pack and unfortunately this one does not. Pours an almost brown color with single finger tan head. Aroma is almost entirely sweet malts  and taste is the same. Overall this is a good representation of the style but there are so many other amber/red ales out there that do the same thing I am not sure why you would choose this over another.

If you see Henniker bottles in the store or visit the brewery try the Hop Slinger IPA as it is better than the amber.
Good representation of the style
Cons: Boring  
Alcohol Content: 5.2% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 32
Brewers Website: 
Brewers Description: An American Amber Ale – rich and enjoyable with its carmel and toffee sweetness that is balanced by a subtle aroma and a complimentary flavor of hops.  Amber Apparition pairs well with delicate seafoods, poultry dishes and salads.

Henniker Brewing

One of my many beer related stops this week was at Henniker Brewing in Henniker, NH. Not sure I had ever been to Henniker before Thursday but it was well worth the trip. I spent about an hour with owner David Currier and some time with brewer James Moriarty.

The brewery is in a beautiful building at the end of a short dead end road. The facility was formerly occupied by as a medical supplies distribution center so it has all the necessary space, loading docks, etc. They have turned one large area into the brewery with a huge walk-in cooler and area for a tasting room and retail area. There is also A LOT of office space for the staff.

Unlike many new breweries that start with a 1, 3 or 7 barrel system they are starting with a 15-barrel system, 3-15 barrel fermenters, 1-30 barrel fermenter and 2-30 barrel bright tanks. They also purchased a bottling line that will fill both 12 and 22 ounce bottles. This is a very nice setup for a start up brewery. Head brewer James Moriarty comes to Henniker from Cape Cod Brewing and was very excited with the progress being made in the installation. More details on the brewery are below – be sure to check out their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Website: Henniker Brewing
Facebook Page – Henniker on FB
Twitter – @hennikerbrewing