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786. Four Quarters Brewing Barleygirl

Four Quarters BarleygirlPicked this one up via an in person trade at Hill Farmstead a while back. I actually drank the beer over a month ago but just now writing up the review and getting it posted to the blog.

Crowlers are relatively new and Four Quarters is only the second brewery that I have tried a crowler from. This is my first beer from Four Quarters but I will have to check them out on my next trip to Vermont as I was impressed.  Barleygirl is described as a Belgian Double IPA which may be a first for me.

Appearance is a nice unfiltered orange. Aroma is a pleasant mix of spice and sweet malts. Nothing too crazy in either the appearance or aroma but enjoyable. Taste was a bit muted for a double IPA with some sweet malts and a light citrus bitterness. Finish was quite dry and left me wanting more. Overall a quality beer but I’m not sure the combination of Belgian yeast and a DIPA worked for me. 

Alcohol Content: 8.1% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Four Quarters
Brewers Description: Belgian Double IPA with Simcoe