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659. DuClaw Brewing Neon Gypsy

DuClaw Brewing Neon GypsyMy second beer from DuClaw. The first was their Anti Venom Citra which may have been infected based on how hard it was to pour. Neon Gypsy is DuClaw’s new IPA and it joins an impressive list of at least 50 different beers listed on their website.

Neon Gypsy pours a crystal clear orange with a thin white head. Not a lot happening with the aroma, mild citrus, pleasant but very light. Taste was better than the aroma with little pine and spice but I was hoping for more.

Not a bad beer but everything about it was mediocre. 

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 75
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Brewers Website: DuClaw Brewing
Brewers Description:It is medium-bodied and clear with a thin white head and crisp mouthfeel. A vagabond blend of 7 different hops dominates with grapefruit and citrus flavors and aromas, accented by notes of pine, that continue to roam your palate long after its clean, hoppy finish. Disconnect, and you will find your way.

591. DuClaw Brewing Anti Venom Citra

DuClaw Anti Venom CitraI got this as part of a beer exchange with an attorney in Virginia that works in the beer business. He sent me a nice box of beer from the area and I sent a bunch of stuff from the Northeast. Unfortunately this beer was the low point of the box but all of the others were excellent.

This is a single hopped pale ale using Citra which should be right in my sweet spot but it wasn’t. I am not sure if the bottle was infected or just terribly over carbonated but pouring the beer was difficult and it left a huge head. Aroma was light possibly due to the too thick head, more malt than hops which surprised me.

Taste followed the nose with lots of malt and only a light citrus from the hops, was expecting a lot more from something named Anti Venom Citra. Overall this was not a bad beer and I may be too harsh since there is a possibility it was infected. 

Cons: Way over carbonated (infected?)
Alcohol Content: 5.6% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 45
Brewers Website: DuClaw Brewing
Brewers Description: Venom American-Style Pale Ale, first brewed in 1997 and available year round, is medium-bodied, clear, crisp, and light amber in color with a fluffy white head, moderate 5.6% abv and exquisitely dry finish. The ANTI-VENOM Series replaces Venom’s signature mix of American hops with a different single variety in each new iteration to create new variations of our classic Pale Ale. The second ANTI-VENOM variant, hopped only with American Citra hops, adds strong notes of grapefruit and lemon to the beer’s nose and flavor profile, while keeping the same crisp, lingering finish as the original. ANTI-VENOM Citra; experience a whole new kind of bite.