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806. Burial Beer Co Scythe Rye

Burial Beer Scythe RyeWhile in line waiting at Bissell Brothers I started talking with the guy behind me. Turns out he was there from North Carolina and had brought some beer up with him. He was looking for some beer from Maine Beer Company and I happened to have a few bottles in my truck so we made a little trade after we gt our beer from Bissell, It’s always fun to meet new people while waiting in lines, really what else are you going to do.

I know nothing about Burial Beer Co but I ended up with a can of this and their Skillet Donut Stout which sounds interesting. This rye IPA pours a deep red color with a very thick off white head. It took several pours to get the glass to the point of this picture. Aroma was slightly sweet but mostly citrus and grapefruit. Based on the appearance and the nose I was expecting good things but the taste was a bit of a let down with a lot more spice and sweetness from the malts and very little of the grapefruit/citrus hops coming through. This beer also had a big bitter finish that didn’t work for me.

Overall not a bad beer and seems like they were going for more of a traditional English style IPA than I typically enjoy.  

Alcohol Content: 7.0% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 66
Brewers Website: Burial Beer Co.
Brewers Description: An aggressive harvest tool with a dynamic history, the scythe is traditionally used for harvesting crops. But it was adopted by the lower class as an implement of death during times of war and protest. Our Rye India Pale Ale also has a dual nature with the nose of your traditional IPA and the incredible malt complexity of your European pale ale.  We use a healthy dose of malted Rye and Belgian Crystal malts while Summit and Chinook hops add that delicious hop flavor and the exclusive addition of Mosaic in the whirlpool and dry hop adds a profoundly unique blueberry and pineapple aroma.