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708. Belgian Mare Brewery Pale Ale

Belgian Mare Brewery Pale AleBelgian Mare is another new brewery in New Hampshire. This one is in the Southwestern  part of the state just north of Keene but their beer is being distributed throughout New Hampshire so you should be able to find it and I recommend you do.

First thing about this beer do not expect your typical heavily hopped American pale ale. If you do you will be disappointed but this beer leans more towards a Belgian Pale Ale which makes sense with the brewery name. Appearance is typical for a pale ale with a nice orange color and thin white head. Aroma is mild but pleasant with some malt and yeast coming through. Taste is where it gets interesting with a big sweet malt start and then some very interesting banana and yeast flavors. Finish is clean with absolutely no bitterness.

This drinks more like a white but still has a lot of pale ale characteristics. A very interesting beer and something that is definitely worth trying. I look forward to trying more from Belgian Mare Brewery. 
Alcohol Content: ??% ABV
IBU (Bitterness):
Brewers Website: Belgian Mare Brewery, Facebook
Brewers Description: