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1 Year of Blogging

I just realized that it has been one year since I started blogging about beer. July 10th of last year I bought a couple of bottles from Harvest Hills Farm in Mechanic Falls and was bored on a hot afternoon. I decided to start taking pictures of beer, writing a short review and categorizing the beer I drink. In the beginning I was taking crappy cell phone pics inside my kitchen and after several months decided to start using our Canon Digital SLR with a 50 mm lens as it takes great pictures. In the past year I have tried nearly 300 different beers (not all good), met some great people and had lots of fun.

My blog has had nearly 13,000 page views in the past year with my posts about Bissell Bros Brewing, Sebago Brewer for a Day and Growlers being the top 3. If you have friends that enjoy craft beer please have them follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you all for your support and as long as people keep reading and sharing I will keep this going.
In addition I have been successful in turning a very fun hobby (drinking beer) into part of what I do everyday working in the insurance industry. I now work with several breweries and package stores providing superior insurance coverage at competitive prices. I have several start ups as well as a few established breweries lined up for later this year and next. If you know someone that works in the beer industry; brewer, beer store, bar, restaurant or distributor please send them my way as I would be happy to help.
Keep an eye on things as there will be lots more beer related stuff coming including a post about my recent trip to Vermont and Craft Beer Comes to Boothbay on Saturday. Also planning on some updates to the blog. Thanks again for reading and here are some links you may like.
Here are a few of my favorite places to buy craft beer;
Some of my favorite blogs;
Other links of interest to beer drinkers;
Untappd – Great app to track your beer

Ebenezer’s Pub Visit (4/16/2012)

I had heard and read great things about Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell, ME and finally made the trip on Monday to visit the pub. There were four of us that went; my wife, her sister and husband and myself and the original plan was for my brother in law and myself to stay at the pub while my wife and her sister went shopping but we ended up changing plans as the pub closed at 3:00 on Monday.

It was almost entirely empty when we arrived shortly after 1:00 and while we were there only 2 other patrons visited the pub. This was a great time for us to visit although we missed out on having lots of other beer drinkers in the pub with us. Tap list had 35 different beers including the four previously reviewed; Oxbow Saison Noel – Thornbridge Raven Black IPA – Stone Ruination DIPA  and Rogue XS Old Crustacean.

In addition to these 4 beers I sampled 2 others; not sure the names but the first was a Belgian Sour Ale which was truly sour but still very nice to drink and the other was a Belgian IPA which honestly smelled like a dumpster; spoiled milk, old trash, etc but had a fairly pleasant taste although it was nothing like an American IPA. Overall we had a great time at Ebenezer’s with quality food and prompt service by a waitress that seemed to know her beer. If you happen to make it to Maine and want to go to an out of the way pub and enjoy some quality beer be sure to visit Ebenezer’s.

Location: 44 Allen Rd – Lovell, ME 04051 – Map
Vary by season – please call
Kid Friendly: Yes
Facebook: Page
Twitter: @EbenezersPub
Owner’s Description: We may be located in a small Maine town, but we’ve always dreamed big. From day one, it was our goal to build the best beer pub in the world. So when Beer Advocate Magazine rated us the number one beer bar in America and the world for the last five years in a row, we knew we must be doing something right.

Urban Farm Fermentory

I know this is a beer blog but I had a chance to try the products from Urban Farm Fermentory and talked with  owner/fermentor Eli Cayer at The Vault on Friday. At the tasting he had his cider, hopped cider and Kombucha tea which is supposed to have some health benefits. The cider is not at all what I expected and the hopped cider was  wonderful. The tea has a very low 1.5% ABV and tasted terrific and I am not a tea drinker. If you happen to see bottles of their cider or tea in your local beverage store give it a try, you might be surprised.

Website – Urban Farm Fermentory
Facebook Page – UFF on Facebook

Maine Beer Trail Pass

Came across this today while viewing some stories on Craft Beer in Maine. This is such a great idea and I will certainly have to give it a shot. If anyone wants to join me at any of the breweries let me know.

Maine Beer Trail

Since 1986, Maine has been at the forefront of the craft brew movement.  The Maine Beer Trail spotlights the high quality and creative diversity of fresh, hand-crafted, Maine-made beer. You’ll find a wide range of award-winning breweries and brew pubs throughout the state. Cheers!


There are also prizes for visiting breweries;
– 5 breweries = Baseball hat from a Maine brewery
– 10 breweries = T-shirt from a Maine brewery
– All breweries = Prize pack from Maine Beer Gear

Maine Beer Trading

I am looking for some people in other parts of the country to exchange some local beer. Here is what I am thinking but I am open to other ideas.

There are many great craft brewers in Maine and New Hampshire and I can purchase and ship a variety or 6-pack of whatever you would like and you do the same. Priority Mail flat rate boxes are $10.95 or $14.95 depending on the size and you should be able to ship 4-6 beers per package. No exchange of money – you send me beer and I send you beer. Could be a great way for you to experience some of the quality beer from the Northeast and a way for me to sample some beer from other parts of the country.

Here are just a few of the local brewers websites. If there is anything that interests you let me know.

Gearys – http://gearybrewing.com/pages/home.php
Grittys – http://www.grittys.com/beers_home.php
OPB – http://www.oakpondbrewery.com/locations.asp
Sea Dog – http://www.seadogbrewing.com/seadogbrews.php
Allegash – http://www.allagash.com/beer/
Baxter – http://www.baxterbrewing.com/
Sebago Brewing – http://www.sebagobrewing.com/brews.php
Kennebec River – http://www.northernoutdoors.com/
Shipyard – http://www.shipyard.com/taste/

Below is a good video on shipping beer, keep in mind the US Postal Service does not allow you to ship beer or wine so you must describe the package as something other than beer / wine. In the video he tells the Post Office he is shipping snow globes so they know it is fragile and liquid.


If you are interested leave your email address in comments here and I will send you a message.

Novare Res Bier Cafe

If you live in Maine or happen to be visiting the Portland area be sure to check out Novare Res. 30+ rotating taps and 500+ bottled beers from around the world.

Location: 4 Canal Plaza – Portland, ME – Map
Hours: Mon – Thur 4:00 to 1:00 AM / Fri 3:00 to 1:00 AM / Sat – Sun 12:00 to 1:00 AM
Phone: 207-761-2437
Facebook: Group
Twitter: @NovareResBierCf
Website: Novares Res Bier Cafe Website
Owner’s Description: Welcome to Novare Res Bier Café.  A bar inspired by many people, places and experiences. Novare Res means “to start a revolution” in Latin, and was chosen after repeated discussions with people of all walks of life who have felt the need for a revolution in some form or another. We all wanted a place where people could commune and conceive of a better future, with passion and determination. After spending time abroad tracking down great fermented beverages in places like Japan, U.K., Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Germany, and working in other highly regarded beer bars, we discovered an avenue in which to bring that hope and inspiration to life in a tangible way. Though we are not overthrowing any governments or wielding any pitchforks, we hope to bring a new perspective to at least one of your senses…

My beer blog

Well this is something that I have been thinking about doing for some time and after seeing this blog yesterday I decided to give it a shot. I love beer, trying new varieties and styles and sharing my opinion. This blog will allow me to document my opinion of each and force me to try many different varieties of my favorite beverage.

You will not see any reviews of the mega breweries as I am a quality over quantity type of beer drinker. Since I have a beer almost everyday this blog will be updated on a regular basis. Each post will have as much detail as possible taken from the bottle and/or brewers website.

If you stumble across this blog I hope you take the time to leave a comment.