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706. Beara Irish Brewing Pale Ale

Beara Irish Brewery Pale AleI often review beers from new breweries as soon as they are released. This often results in reviews that include comments like; “it is difficult brewing on a new system”, “I think (insert brewers name) beers will improve as he/she dials things in”, etc. This has been proven true on subsequent visits to new breweries where I find the overall quality has improved and the beer I thought was OK months prior is now much better.

Beara Irish Brewing is a very new brewery that opened in Portsmouth. I tried some of Michael’s homebrews prior to him opening and was impressed with the beer. I found a bottle of the Irish Pale Ale in Top Shelf Brews in Hampton and grabbed it. I mentioned to Michael that I had a bottle and he told me there may be carbonation problems with the beer as it was his his batch on the new system. When I opened it the beer was in fact nearly flat. If you have ever tried a flat beer you know this messes with almost every aspect of the beer; the aroma is almost gone, taste is muted and the entire beer suffers.

I checked into the beer on Untappd and noted that it was flat. Almost immediately I received a message from Michael saying he would replace the beer with a newer batch when I stopped by the brewery next. While my first official beer from Beara Irish Brewing was a disappointment Michael’s willingness to make things right and his attention to sites like Untappd and other social media outlets tells me he cares about the quality of his beers, the brewery and the people drinking his beer.

I will certainly give this one another shot when it comes around again and will update this review accordingly. In the meantime if you find yourself in Portsmouth, make your way out to Beara Irish Brewing and say hi to Michael.
Cons: Flat
Alcohol Content: ??% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Beara Irish Brewing
Brewers Description: Irish malt base with Munich/Vienna/etc. grain additions. We use three different hops during the boil and dry hop with Citra. Aroma and taste are great. IPA style but why not substitute “Irish” for “India” on the label to honor the core of this brew!