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646. Banded Horn Brewing Wicked Bueno

Banded Horn Wicked BuenoWicked Bueno was brewed by Banded Horn for Cinco de Mayo as an alternative to the Mexican Lager. Using 15% corn Ian made a very light, crisp and flavorful beer.

This may be the lightest beer I have reviewed to date, very pale yellow with minimal head even with an aggressive pour. Aroma is mild but what is there is fruity. Taste is surprising as I was not expecting a lot of flavor from such a light beer. Their is a nice hop profile but very little bitterness.

Wicked Bueno is far from your typical craft beer but it does a lot of things right, sessionable and crushable. 
Alcohol Content: 4.3% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 15
Brewers Website: 
Brewers Description: 
This light beer has a good amount of body, flavor, and hoppiness. Brewed with 15% corn. Maltiness is present, but very simple. A slight green apple-like flavor that blends well with Centennial hops. It’s not bitter, but amply flavor-hopped for the style. Overall a super easy drinker. Body is crisp and smooth.

623. Banded Horn Brewing Pepperell Pilsner

Banded Horn PilsnerPilsner is a style the craft beer industry has not embraced. There are very few of them out there and even fewer that are worth drinking. Thankfully Ian from Banded Horn produced a great one that will be a mainstay at many family gatherings this summer.

Pepperell Pils pours a very pale yellow with a thin white head. Aroma is mild with a light grain and earth. Taste is excellent with a nice grassy start and slightly bitter finish. Light, crisp and extremely easy to drink.

Even if you do not normally enjoy the style please give this one a try.
Extremely drinkable
Alcohol Content: 4.6% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 38

Brewers Website: Banded Horn
Brewers Description: Unfiltered German Pilsener, or Keller Pils. Light and extremely drinkable. Malt is fresh and bready, with an aroma that only comes from a true lager. Hops are sharp, noble, and spicy, with a deep herbal touch. Dry, crisp, and hoppy. Perfect session beer.

Banded Horn Brewing Co. – Biddeford, ME

BandedBanded Horn Brewing has a great back story, I won’t go into the details as I want you to click through to their Kickstarter page, but the basics are Ian McConnell moved to NYC and worked at Sixpoint for several years before heading back to Maine to start a brewery. After he got back to Maine I met up with him on several occasions to talk beer and help him pull together the required bond and insurance for his project.

Ian is a great guy and as passionate about beer as anyone I have ever met. There is no question there will be great beer coming out of Biddeford soon but to make the experience better they have started a Kickstarter program to help build their tasting room.

There are great rewards including stickers, pint glasses,  t-shirts and other goodies. The stuff is nice but being a part of something bigger is the real reason to get involved in a Kickstarter project.

Help Ian get the tasting room built by supporting his Kickstart project – watch the video and donate – every little bit helps.

Banded Horn Kickstarter Page

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