Sharing my “extras”

The AlchemistI don’t go to bottle shares as I have 3 kids, a wife and a very busy job so my sharing of beer is typically limited to drinking with brother-in-law at family gatherings. I buy a lot of beer from a lot of breweries and have built quite the collection of boxes in my cellar.

This is my chance to share with all of you, clear out some “extra” beer and get some beer that I have not tried yet. I put together this

Wish List

I realize this list includes beers that many others are looking for so please do not think these are the only beers I am looking for.

If you are offering IPAs/DIPAs they must be FRESH which is why you will see a lot of saison/sour breweries on my list of wants.

Here is how I plan to work this;

I will post a photo of beer available for trade on my FB page (be sure to click the link and give it a like), comment on the photo with what you have to offer (please do not message me as it will be very hard to track messages, comments should be easier). I will leave each open for a day or two so more people get a chance to see it. I prefer in person trades but will consider shipping if you have something I want. I travel a lot within Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and occasionally Mass so if you live in the Northeast we should be able to find a place/time to meet.

Most of the beer has been stored in boxes, in a closet in the finished portion of my basement. The closet has no light, is not heated and remains somewhere around 60 degrees. Exposure to light has been minimal but there is no way to guarantee the quality of a beer that has sat for a time.

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