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Wednesday of this week Oxbow opened their tasting room so on Friday afternoon I made the trip to Newcastle to check it out and grab some beer. Oxbow is about an hour from Lewiston/Auburn so I don’t make it out there as often as I would like. Some say the brewery is hard to find but I have never had a problem. Google Maps will lead you right to it. The tasting room is the building to the right of the brewery when you enter. There are two doors and you can use either to enter the tasting room. Upon entering they have a small retail area with shirts, hats, onesies and glasses to purchase as well as bottles of their beer. They also have a very nice tap setup  with 5 taps (see photo to the right).

The day I was there they had; Farmhouse Pale Ale, Loretta, Space Cowboy and Freestyle #8 & 10 on tap. They offer a sampler of four pours for $5 and these are generous pours so do not hesitate. The person running the tasting room is a new hire for Oxbow but it is very obvious she has been around the brewery and is very knowledgeable about beer and the history of Oxbow.

She did a great job recommending we start with Loretta, Space Cowboy and Freestyle #10 and finish with Freestyle #8 as the hops will taint your palate.

To the right of the tap setup they have a complete list of beer with pricing and the current bottles available. There were bottles of Barrel Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale and their recently released Oxtoberfest blend. I grabbed a couple bottles of Oxtoberfest as well as a growler of Freestyle #8; both will be reviewed soon. With the 4 samples for you $5 you also have the option to take the glass home for an additional $5 (a $2 discount from the regular price) so I decided to do this as well.

The tasting room has plenty of space and there were probably 10 people there as well as others coming in for growler fills and there was room for plenty more. Geoff and Dash both stopped by to chat while I was there and we got to hear about all the great things happening at Oxbow. There is a small area for some barrels and their bottle labeling area is tucked in a back corner.

Overall the tasting room is a great addition for Oxbow. If you haven’t made the trip to Newcastle yet you should and if you have been in the past I would recommend you go again to check out the tasting room and all it has to offer.


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