October, epic beer month

If you are in any of the beer groups on Facebook you probably have seen the pictures of what is almost always referred to as “the best bottle share ever”. Basically a bunch of people get together, bring a few beers and everyone gets to sample them. These photos gave me the idea of have an epic beer month and a virtual bottle share. No you won’t be able to taste the beer that others post but you will get to see what everyone is drinking and drool at some rare/limited release beers. During the month of October I am going through the approximately 200 bottles of beer in my house and picking out the best of the bunch.

Epic BeerThe list of beers will be long, at least 30 since I average a beer a day, and will include bottles that I have been hanging on to for no good reason. What’s the point of buying great beer if you aren’t going to drink it?

I invite you all to join me in drinking truly exceptional beer for the month of October, post your pics on my Facebook page, share them on Twitter. Use #epcibeermonth hashtag and invite your friends, relatives and other beer drinkers to do the same. If you have a blog and want to put together a similar post go for it, the more the merrier.

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