Maine Beer Company Visit (2/10/2012)

After visiting Allagash I stopped by Maine Beer Company to check out their small brewery. Dan Kleban was there with one employee that was working very hard operating a forklift and cleaning out brew tanks. This brewery is located at One Industrial Way which is the same building Rising Tide and Bull Jager are in. Maine Beer has a small greeting area with a kegerator, a couple of items for sale; glasses, beer and a few other things. I picked up a glass to ship out to Wisconsin for a beer trade I was working on. The brewery is not very exciting from the outside but once you make your way in you find the typical polished stainless steel, hoses, drains and plenty of kegs. The most exciting part of the visit was the announcement that a fifth Maine Beer Company option will be available later this month or very early in March. The new beer is named Mo and I am sure that has an interesting story behind it just like the others. For more photos click below.

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