LD-1082 – Maine Growler Laws

growlersIf you follow my blog you know how much I enjoy growlers. There is a new bill introduced to the Maine Legislature that would allow your local beer store to fill growlers directly from kegs.

Imagine walking into your favorite beer store and they have a few rotating taps, you decide which beer you would like, the growler is filled and you are on your way. I love visiting breweries but sometimes I just want great fresh beer without trekking to Newcastle, Belfast or any of the other great breweries located hours from my home.

The link to the actual bill is here – LD-1082

The bill is currently in committee so everyone needs to contact the Veterans & Legal Affairs Committee and encourage them to recommend it with a Yes vote on April 24th. Link to the Veterans & Legal Affairs Committee is here.

Once the bill makes it to the entire legislature we will all need to contact our Maine Representative or Senator and ask them to support LD-1082. If you are not sure who your representative is find the list here. – Find you Maine Reps.

Also please be sure to share this post so others will contact their representatives. Links to share on Twitter, Facebook, etc are below.

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