Lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of posts in the recent weeks. This is a very busy time of year for my household with 3 kids going back to school and lots of family birthdays including my own on October 10th. In addition to the family life, work has been extremely busy.

Many of you know that I sell insurance for a living and in the past year I have focused on beer related businesses including; breweries, brew pubs, beer bars, restaurants, package stores, hop farms, festivals and have even worked in a couple of wineries and a distillery. I am working with brewers from Orono, ME to Burlington, VT and everywhere in between and insure many of the places you see me post about.

It has been great to mix work with something I enjoy and I am confident things will continue to be busy as craft beer continues to grow.  Most of what I do is through word of mouth so if you hear of a new brewery, bar, store or other business opening send me a message – or on Facebook or Twitter. I am on vacation this week so should be able to get the blog caught up and then my goal will be a post a day for the remainder of the year.

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