Growlers – the best way to drink beer at home

If you have been following my blog lately you will have noticed a lot of growlers purchased and reviewed. Most growlers are sold directly from the brewery at times convenient for the brewers. This is beer that comes straight from the kegs into a 32 or 64 ounce glass container, capped and sent home with you. In my opinion this is the best way to enjoy craft beer at your home, family gathering or other event. I have growlers from most of the Maine breweries that offer them and refill them as often as possible. They store well in the refrigerator and will last 7-10 days if unopened (in theory they could last a lot longer but somehow they never do in my fridge as they opened and consumed shortly after purchase). Once opened you have a couple of days to finish. 64 ounces is 4 pints of beer so for me 2 pints a night for 2 nights and it is gone. Below is a recap and photos of growlers from several breweries.

Maine Breweries

Foundation Brewing – Portland, Maine

Foundation is one of the newest additions to the Maine Beer scene. Located at One Industrial Way in Portland with 2 other breweries and within walking distance of Allagash you can find plenty of great beer in without putting many miles on the car or bike. Be sure to check out the brewery while you are there as it is a really impressive setup. 

Hours – Friday – 3 – 7 PM / Saturday 1 – 6 PM / Sunday 12 – 4 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Foundation Brewing

Map – 1 Industrial Way – Portland, ME

Foundation Brewing Growler

Banded Horn Brewing – Biddeford, Maine

Banded Horn starting selling beer late in 2013 and opened their tasting room in Biddeford early in 2014. They typically have 4-6 beers on tap and plenty of room to hang out. Stop by and see Ian and Ronny

Hours – Wednesday – 3 – 8 PM / Saturday 12 – 6 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash Only (Will be accepting credit soon)

Facebook Page – Banded Horn

Map – 32 Main St Bldg 13-W – Biddeford, ME


Banded Horn

Strong Brewing Co. – Sedgwick, Maine

Strong Brewing is a community supported brewery in Sedgwick, Maine. It is operated out of Al and Mia Strong’s home so don’t be surprised when your GPS says you have arrived and you are outside someone’s home. Nice people making beer in the small town of Sedgwick. 

Hours – Friday – 3-6 PM / Saturday 4 – 7 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Strong Brewing

Map – 7 Rope Ferry Rd – Sedgwick, ME

Strong Brewing Growlers

Oxbow Brewing Company – Newcastle, Maine

Oxbow is one of my favorite breweries and well worth the trip to Newcastle. Their beer is top notch and unlike anything else you will get in Maine. They also distribute kegs to bars and restaurants in Maine and Washington DC so keep an eye out for their clear tap handles and if Oxbow is on tap give it a try. Tim & Geoff are great and you will enjoy the time you spend at Oxbow checking out their great tasting room (see link here). Check their Facebook page below for updates on what is pouring and bottle releases.

Hours – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 2-7 PM / Saturday Noon – 5 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Tasting Room

Map – Jones Woods Rd – Newcastle, ME

Oxbow Growler

Gneiss Brewing Company – Limerick, Maine

Another new brewery in Southern Maine offering both 64 and 32 ounce growlers. Gneiss is a bit of a drive but I grew up in the area so I still make regular trip to the area. Their beer is on tap in quite a few restaurants / bars in Portland so you should find plenty of places to sample before making the trip to Limerick. Still worth the trip to check out Dustin’s Agribrewery which should be a lot more fun this summer when stuff is growing. 

Hours – Friday 2-7 / Saturday 12 – 6

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Gneiss Brewing

Map – 94 Patterson Rd – Limerick, ME

Gneiss Brewing Growlers

SoMe Brewing Company – York, Maine

SoMe is a new brewery in York, ME. Hours are not set in stone at this point but check Facebook as Dave provides regular updates. They have samples at the brewery and plenty of seating to sit and enjoy.

Hours – Check Facebook below

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – SoMe Brewing

Map – 1 York St – York, ME

Some Brewing Growlers

Rising Tide Brewing Company – Portland, ME

Rising Tide started selling growlers after they opened on Fox St in Portland. They usually have 4-6 beers available and some of them are brewery/draft only beers that you will not find in bottles. Always a great time at Rising Tide. 

Hours – Tuesday & Thursday – 4-7 PM / Friday & Saturday 12 – 5 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Rising Tide

Map – 103 Fox St – Portland, ME

Rising Tide Growler

Sebago Brewing Company – Gorham, ME

Sebago Brewing started to fill growlers in January 2013 at the brewery location only not at the brewpubs. The brewery is located at 48 Sanford Drive, Gorham Maine and you have to enter the door on the far right. They have a tap room at the end of the hallway and were offering up 2 options on the first day. 

Hours – Wednesday to Friday – 3-5 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Sebago Brewing

Map – 48 Sanford Dr – Gorham, ME


Black Bear Brewing Company – Orono, ME

Black Bear are a real bargain at $10 for beer and a new growles and $8 for refills. Tim recently installed an 8 tap tasting room and will have plenty of samples available for anyone that stops by. Growlers are cash only at this time but I believe Tim will be accepting cards soon. This is quality beer at an affordable price.

Hours – Wednesday to Friday – 4-8 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash Only (may be taking cards now)

Facebook Page – Black Bear Microbrew

Map – 19 Mill St – Orono, ME

Black Bear

Geaghan Bros Brewing – Bangor, ME

While you are in the Bangor area visiting Black Bear Brewing head 10-15 minutes south and stop by Geaghan Bros Brewing in Geaghan’s Pub right next door to Hollywood Slots casino in Bangor. This is a brew pub but they also sell both 32 and 64 oz growlers. My recommendation would be the Smiling Irish Bastard and if I remember correctly the cost was around $15 for the first growler. The staff at the bar are very considerate and will allow you to taste whatever beers are on tap prior to buying a growlers.

Hours – 7 AM to 11 PM (or later) daily

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Geaghan Bros Brewing

Map – 570 Main Street – Bangor, ME

Geaghan Bros Growlers

Penobscot Bay Brewery – Winterport, ME

Another 15 minutes south from Bangor to Winterport you will find Penobscot Bay Brewing part of Winterport Winery. They have a nice retail area where you can buy wine, beer (22 oz bottles or growlers) and other goodies. They also have a very nice tasting room and do monthly beer and/or wine dinners at their restaurant Pairings. Growlers are reasonably priced and one of they recently changed from clear to amber growlers. 

Mike, Joan and the employees that staff the retail shop are extremely friendly and helpful for both beer and wine recommendations. My favorite beer from them is the Building 5 Rye IPA (formerly known as Maine Winnah 2011).

Hours – Tuesday to Saturday – 11-5 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Winterport Winery / Penobscot Bay Brewery

Map – 279 South Main Street – Winterport, ME

Penobsot Bay Growler

Marshall Wharf Brewing – Belfast, ME

Many Mainers have only recently been introduced to Marshall Wharf beer since they started canning Can’t Dog late in 2012. They make many other styles of beer and everything I have had from them is top notch. Their website is updated regularly with the beers that are available at the brewery. 

I have not met David (the owner) but the staff of the brewery / tasting room were very helpful and willing to talk beer.

Hours – Thursday to Saturday Afternoons?

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Marshall Wharf

Map – 2 Pinchy Lane – Belfast, ME

Marshall Wharf Growler

Oak Pond Brewery – Skowhegan, ME

Not a very glamorous brewery as it is located in an old chicken barn in Skowhegan but they do make quality beer and one of the few craft brewers in Maine making lagers in addition to ales. I asked the owner when I visited why they have clear growlers and her answer made a lot of sense. She is more concerned about cleanliness of growlers that are being refilled than she is about the minimal deterioration of the beer within from light exposure for the 24-48 hours most people keep a growler. They have 6 beers on tap in the brewery in addition to some promotional items; stickers, tshirts, etc.

Hours – Monday to Friday 3 – 5:30 / Saturday 12:30 to 5:30

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Oak Pond Brewing Company

Map – Oak Pond Road – Skowhegan, ME

Oak Pond Growler

Freeport Brewing – South Portland, ME

Freeport Brewing is on their way back after a short absence from the marketplace. The owner relocated to South Portland and it took him a while to find a space suitable to brew in . This is one of the few breweries that does not sell growlers at the brew facility as the City of South Portland does not allow it. You can find growlers at 2 stores in Freeport; Royal River Natural Foods and North Freeport General Store. He also recently started selling at The Bier Cellar in Portland. I have tried their Blonde Ale which was nice and very drinkable and heard great things about their Chocolate Stout.

Cost for a growler is around $10. Tom Atwell wrote a nice piece on Freeport Brewing for the Portland Press Herald here.
Freeport Brewing Growler

Gritty’s – Auburn / Portland / Freeport, ME

Everyone knows Gritty’s but not everyone knows they sell growlers. You can get them filled at any of the brew pubs. I believe they will fill with any beer that is on-tap and I cannot remember the cost as it has been months since I had this one filled. Gritty’s is the only place that actually seals the cap with a plastic wrap to ensure the bottle is not opened.

Hours – 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Gritty McDuff’s

Map – 396 Fore St – Portland, ME
           187 Lower Main St – Freeport, ME
           68 Main St – Auburn, ME

Gritty's Growler

Bunker Brewing – Portland, ME

Bunker Brewing is relatively new brewery in Portland, Maine that only sells beer in kegs and growlers. They had a very good pilsner and a Belgian style Black IPA available. Both were very good but I opted for the Black IPA. Growler is a very unique design and is extremely tall. I recommend you like their Facebook page above to get the latest from Bunker Brewing.

Hours – Check Facebook Page Below

Payments Accepted – ??

Facebook Page – Bunker Brewing

Map – 122 Anderson St – Portland, ME

Bunker Growler

Run of the Mill – Saco, ME

Run of the Mill is a brewpub located in Saco, Maine that also sells growlers. Their growlers are very unique and come in three colors; blue, red, green. These are very tall growlers with a nice handle for easy carrying. They have a variety of styles on tap and most are traditional European beers. Quality beer in very unique growler. 

Hours – 11:30 AM to 1:00 AM

Payments Accepted – Cash / Credit

Facebook Page – Run of the Mill

Map – 100 Main St – Saco, ME

Run of the Mill Growler

Kennebec River Brewing – The Forks, ME

Kennebec River Brewing gets the award for the most out of the way brewery in Maine. Located in The Forks it is hours from anywhere an unless you are going whitewater rafting or snowmobiling there really is not much of a reason to go up that way. They have 3 beers that are contract brewed in Ipswich and several that are brewed on premise in The Forks which are much better than the contract ones. Take a day trip to The Forks and grab some excellent beer. 

Hours – Always Open??

Payments Accepted – Cash / Credit

Facebook Page – Kennebec River Brewery

Map – 1771 US Route 201 – The Forks, ME

Kennebec River Growler

Sheepscot Valley Brewing – Whitefield, ME

This is one brewery in Maine that I have not actually been too. I don’t to Whitefield often and almost never on a Friday evening which is typically when the brewery is open for growlers. If you call you can make arrangements to stop by at a different time. I picked this one up at RSVP in Portland and no idea how long it had been there but the beer tasted fine. I will need to stop by Whitefield and check out the brewery myself in the near future. 

Hours – Call 207-549-5530

Payments Accepted – ??

Facebook Page – Sheepscot Valley Brewing

Map – 74 Hollywood Blvd – Whitefield, ME

Sheepscot Valley Growler

Funky Bow Brewery – Lyman, ME

Funky Bow is one of the newest breweries in Maine and started selling growlers the spring of 2013. They have 32 and 64 ounce growlers and usually have 2-3 beers available.  

Hours – Friday 4 – 7 also available at some farmers markets – check Facebook page. 

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit 

Facebook Page – Funky Bow Brewery

Map – 21 Ledgeview Lane – Lyman, ME

Funky Bow

Sea Dog Brewing – Bangor / South Portland / Topsham, ME

Sea Dog is owned by Shipyard but still operates under its own label. I had not been to one of their brew pubs for quite some time but was there last week for lunch and decided to pick up a growler for my collection. The beer was drinkable and fairly inexpensive but really the only reason I purchased it was for the glass.

Hours – 11:30 AM to 1:00 AM (Earlier Sundays)

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Sea Dog Brewing

Map – 26 Front St – Bangor, ME
           125 Western Ave – South Portland, ME
1 Main St – Topsham, ME

Sea Dog Growler

Sunday River Brewing – Bethel, ME

Another brewery that is out of the way however if you are a skier you will surely drive by on your way to Sunday River. I don’t know much about the brewery as I have only been there a couple of times but it seems to be your typical brew pub. The growler pictured here was actually from my Brother-In-Law and was filled with their IPA. Not your typical American IPA more of an English style IPA. Not bad but different than I was expecting. 

Hours – 11:30 AM to 1:00 AM

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Sunday River Brewing

Map – 29 Sunday River Rd – Bethel, ME 

Sunday River Growler

Captain Dick’s Brewing Company – Wells, ME

Captain Dick’s is the brewery portion of Fire N Brew in Wells, ME. I went on opening day and they only had the black ale on draft. Be prepared to open your check book as the growler was $25. Will certainly stop back soon to try some of their other styles. 

Hours – 3:00P M to 11:00 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Fire N Brew

Map – 73 Mile Rd – Wells, ME 

Captain Dick's Growler

Rocky Coast Brewing – Ogunquit, ME

Another brewpub this one located in the Southern Maine town of Ogunquit. They sell growlers and the last time I was there they were not logo growlers and just written on with a marker so no picture for this one. Hopefully they will have logo growlers soon. 

Hours – Tuseday to Saturday 3:00 to 12:00 / Sunday 3:00 to 9:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Post Road Tavern / Rocky Coast Brewing

Map – 705 Main St – Ogunquit, ME

Atlantic Brewing / Bar Harbor Brewing

They stopped filling growlers as of this year. If you happen to be in Bar Harbor I still would recommend stopping by the brewery and  BBQ restaurant. I stopped by last Summer and the place was very busy. Food looked delicious even though I did not try it and the beer was great. Would love it if they started filling growlers again but for now you will have to settle for 22 or 12 oz bottles available in retail stores or super markets throughout the State of Maine and 11 others on the East Coast.

Atlantic Brewing Growler

Boothbay Craft Brewery – Boothbay, ME

Finally stopped by Boothbay Craft Brewery / Watershed Tavern for lunch and grabbed a growler of the 633 Pale Ale to go. The tavern is open everyday but Monday and sells growlers whenever they are open. I believe the hours below are accurate but you should check the Facebook pages as it may change seasonally. 

Hours – Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 to 8:30

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit 

Facebook Page – Boothbay Craft Brewery / Watershed Taven

Map – 301 Adams Pond Rd – Boothbay, ME

Boothbay Craft Brewery Growler

In’finiti – Portland, ME

In’finiti Distillery and Fermentation opened a couple months ago with a solid line up of beer and great food. They recently started offering 32 ounce growlers. The design on the growler is easily one of my favorites and the beer is good too. Next time you are in Portland plan a lunch at In’finiti and take some beer home with you. 

Hours – 11:30 to 12:30 AM (earlier Sundays)

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – In’finiti

Map – 250 Commercial St – Portland, ME 


Federal Jack’s – Kennebunk, ME

Another brew pub owned by Shipyard. I have not been to Federal Jack’s and do not have a growler so no picture. Will have to fix that soon enough. 

Hours – 11:30 to 12:30 AM (earlier Sundays)

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Federal Jack’s

Map – 8 Western Ave – Kennebunk, ME

New Hampshire Breweries

Throwback GrowlersThrowback Brewery – Hampton, NH

Throwback is the only brewery that I have 3 growlers from. They have the 32 ounce growlette, a 2 liter growler and a 64 ounce stainless steel growler. They make some great beer and it is worth the trip across the border to check them out. 

Hours – Thursday – Friday  4:00 to 7:00 / Saturday 1:00 to 4:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Throwback Brewery

Map – 121 Lafayette Rd – Hampton, NH

Blue Lobster Brewing – Hampton, NH

Blue Lobster has both 750 ml bottles and the full 2L growlers available. At this time they do not have anything bottled but will have some special bottle releases soon. They also distribute kegs to a couple of local restaurants so you can find their beer. They have a great tasting room / retail area and you should stop by and chat with David & Michael if you get a chance.

Hours – Thursday & Saturday 2:00 to 6:00 / Friday 2:00 to 7:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Blue Lobster Brewing

Map – 845 Lafayette Rd – Hampton, NH

Blue Lobster Growlers

Earth Eagle Brewings – Portsmouth, NH

Earth Eagle is a new nano brewery in Portsmouth, NH and they are only selling their beer in growlers. No bottles, cans and for the most part not available in bars or restaurants. They offer both the full 64 ounce growlers and 32 ounce half growlers. The beer is certainly worth trying if you are in the area be sure to swing by and talk to Alex and Butch. They have a very nice tasting room to sample the beers before you buy.

Hours – Thursday & Friday 4:00 to 9:00 / Saturday 3:00 to 9:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Earth Eagle Brewings

Map – 165 High St – Portsmouth, NH

Earth Eagle Growlers

603 Brewery – Londonderry, NH

603 recently moved from Campton NH to Londonderry, NH and with that they have an expanded tasting room and much more capacity. They have a nice little retail area with hats, tshirts and sweatshirts and they also sell growlers. Currently they are only offering a 1 liter size. Stop in to see the guys at 603 and grab some tasty beer. 

Hours – Thursday & Friday 4:00 to 7:00 / Saturday & Sunday 1:00 to 5:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – 603 Brewery

Map – 12 Liberty Dr – Londonderry NH

603 Brewery Growler

Portsmouth Brewery – Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth Brewery has been doing growlers for a long time and it took me far too long to visit them to grab my own. Ended up stopping there after the Seacoast Winter Brew Fest in February and brought home a growler of their Project X. When you stop at Earth Eagle take a walk around the corner and grab a growler from Portsmouth Brewery as well. 

Hours – 11:30 AM to 12:30 AM

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Portsmouth Brewery

Map – 56 Market St – Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth Brewery Growler

White Birch Brewing – Hookset, NH

White Birch has some great beers and a nice retail shop at the brewery in Hookset, NH. Their website is updated with the beers that are available on tap.

Bill is a great guy and will spend time talking about the various beer available in bottles and growlers at the brewery. Cost ranges from $10 – 15 depending on the beer and they also have a program if you buy 8 growlers the 9th one is free.

Hours – Thursday & Friday 12:00 to 7:00 PM / Saturday 12:00 t0 5:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit 

Facebook Page – White Birch Brewing

Map – 

White Birch Growler

Woodstock Inn Brewery – North Woodstock, NH

Woodstock has been contract brewing all their beer at Shipyard in Portland, ME but they are getting close to reopening the brewery at their location in Woodstock, NH. They have a nice restaurant, inn and bar and have been filling growlers for a while. In addition to growlers full of beer they also offer growlers of root beer which is nice for the kids.

Hours – 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM 

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit 

Facebook Page – Woodstock Inn Brewery

Map – 135 Main St -Woodstock, NH

Woodstock Brewing Growler

Moat Mountain Smoke House & Brewery – North Conway, NH

Not sure why it took me so long to grab a growler of Moat beer as I go to North Conway regularly but on my last trip I picked up a growler of Hoffman Weisse. Full growlers and glass was $15 and worth every penny. Be sure to grab one next time you are in the area.  

Hours – 11:30 AM to 12:00 AM – 7 Days

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit 

Facebook Page – Moat Mountain

Map – 3378 White Mountain Hwy – North Conway, NH


Henniker Brewing Co – Henniker, NH

Henniker is a new brewery that started making beer late in 2012 and started selling growlers shortly after they opened. When I visited they only had their IPA and their Amber available so I brought home a growler of the IPA. The beer was $9 and the glass was $3 – a very good deal. They will fill growlers whenever they are open and have a nice little tasting room setup. Stop by and see them if you find yourself in the area. 

Hours – 9:00 AM to 5:00 AM Monday – Saturday

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit 

Facebook Page – Henniker Brewing Company

Map – 129 Centervale Rd – Henniker, NH

Henniker Growler

7th Settlement – Dover, NH

7th Settlement is a brewpub located in an old mill in Dover, NH. I stopped by mid-afternoon when their menu was changing over from lunch to supper so did not have a chance to eat but enjoyed a couple of beers. Great bar with lots of seating and free wifi, actually ended up getting some work done while drinking a beer. 

Hours – See FB Page – Closed Monday

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit 

Facebook Page – 7th Settlement

Map – 47 Washington St – Dover, NH 

7th Setllement

One Love Brewery – Dover, NH

One Love actually shares the brewery space with 7th Settlement so you have the option of getting beer from both breweries in a single visit. 

Hours – See FB Page – Closed Monday

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit 

Facebook Page – One Love Brewery

Map – 47 Washington St – Dover, NH 

One Love

Border Brewery – Salem, NH

Border Brewery is located in Salem NH and is attached to a home brew shop. When I visited they had 6 beers on tap and I tried them all. Came home with a full growler of their IPA and a 32 ounce growler of the Pumpkin. Both were solid beers, I did not get a chance to review as I brought them to my mother in laws house when we were doing wood and roofing her porch. 

Hours – Their Facebook page says always open but the website says Wed – Fri 12:00 to 6:30 / Sat 9:00 to 5:00 / Sun 12:00 to 5:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit 

Facebook Page – Border Brewery

Map – 10 Lawrence Rd – Salem, NH

Border Brewery Growlers

Vermont Breweries

Hill Farmstead – Greensboro, VT

If you love beer you must make the trip to Hill Farmstead in Greensboro, VT. They sell both 750 ml bottles and full 2L growlers. The beers rotate but their website is always up to date. Plan on getting there early and plan on a wait. The last time I was there we waited nearly 2 hours and this was shorter than it would have been as they implement a 5 container per person limit on very busy days. They also have a nice selection of bottles, offer 4 tastings for $5 while you wait and there is plenty of beer talk going on. A great day trip for anyone within 3 or 4 hours of the brewery.

Hours – Noon to 5:00 Wednesday to Saturday

Payments Accepted – Cash Only

Facebook Page – Hill Farmstead

Map – 403 Hill Rd – Greensboro, VT

Hill Farmstead Growlers

The Alchemist – Waterbury, VT

The Alchemist started selling growlers just before they closed their retail shop at the brewery. They ended up selling the remaining empty growlers to Craft Beer Cellar which opened in Waterbury. This is where I bought my growler and I hope The Alchemist finds a way to get back into the growler filling business.

Alchemist Growler

Fiddlehead Brewing – Shelburne, VT

Fiddlehead is located just south of Burlington Vermont and directly beside a pizza shop that allows you to bring your own beer. The pizza place provides the pint glasses and you can bring a growler of fresh beer from Fiddlehead. A great setup for them and you. They only have a couple beers on tap at any time but both of the beers I had were excellent and I will certainly make it a regular stop on future visits to Vermont. 

Hours – Monday to Sunday 12:00 – 7:00 

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Fiddlehead Brewing

Map – 6305 Shelburne Rd – Shelburne, VT

Fiddlehead Growlers

Craft Beer Cellar – Waterbury, VT

This is my first growler from a retail growler bar. This is something we do not have in Maine yet but Vermont had a few retailers that have growlers bars. On my first trip to Craft Beer Cellar they had 6 solid offerings including Zero Gravity – Conehead which is what I brought home.  

Hours – See Facebook Page

Payments Accepted – Cash & Credit

Facebook Page – Craft Beer Cellar

Map – 3 Elm St – Waterbury, VT

 Craft Beer Cellar

Lost Nation  – Morrisville, VT

Lost Nation is conveniently located between Waterbury and Greensboro Vermont. That way you can stop approximately half way between The Alchemist and Hill Farmstead. If you are making this trip I would recommend you do so as the Gose I had was excellent and the food looked good too. 

Hours – Wednesday to Sunday 12:00 pM to 8:00 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Lost Nation

Map – 254 Wilkins St – Morrisville, VT

Lost Nation

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery – Burlington, VT

Zero Gravity is located at American Flatbread in Burlington, VT. With 10-15 of their own beers on tap and great food this is a must on your next trip to Burlington. Be sure to grab a growler on your way out. We went there twice during our 3 day trip to Vermont this past Summer.

Hours – 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

Map – 115 St Paul St – Burlington, VT

Zero Gravity Growler

Vermont Pub & Brewery – Burlington, VT

Another brewery we stopped at on our Summer trip to Vermont. Had an excellent meal, plenty of beer and left with a couple of growlers.

Hours – 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Vermont Pub & Brewery

Map – 144 College St – Burlington, VT

Vermont Pub Growler

14th Star Brewing Co – Saint Albans, VT

I made the trek to 14th Star Brewing while attending an insurance conference in Burlington late February 2013. The brewery is about 40 minutes north of Burlington and it is located in a small garage. They had 3 beers on tap when I was there and I tried them all. Took home a growler of their pale ale which unfortunately went flat on the long and bumpy ride back to Maine. Will certainly check them out again next time I am in Vermont. 

Hours – Thursday – Friday 5:00 to 9:00 / Sunday 9:00 to 12:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – 14th Star Brewing Company

Map – 41 Lower Newton St – Saint Albans, VT

14th Star Growler

Magic Hat Brewing Company – S Burlington, VT

Magic Hat has a large retail, tasting area and a very tourist driven tour but is worth a visit if you are in the area. They have 2 different growlers; a clear version and a significantly more expensive flip top brown growler. I opted for the clear to save a few bucks but next time will probably get the brown. They have a bunch of beers available in growlers.

Hours – Monday to Thursday 10:00 to 6:00 / Firday to Saturday 10:00 to 7:00 / Sunday Noon to 5:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Magic Hat Brewing Company

Map – 5 Barlett Bay Rd – South Burlington, VT

Magic Hat Growler

Rock Art Brewery – Morrisville, VT

On a recent business trip to Vermont I happened to pass Rock Art and stopped in for a tasting and of course brought home a growler. They had some very nice beers on tap and I opted for a growler of the Saison. Overall a great experience at Rock Art and you should make it part of any Vermont beer trip. 

Hours – Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 6:00 

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Rock Art Brewery

Map – 632 Laporte Rd – Morristown, VT 

Rock Art


Wachusett Brewing Company – Westminster, MA

My first growler from Mass was a gift from a co-worker as she went down to visit friends and took a tour of the brewery. This is one of the coolest growlers I have with a tall slim design, grolsch top and a metal handle for easy transportation. Not the easiest growler to fit in the fridge or the cooler but still a nice design. 

Hours – Wednesday & Saturday 12:00 to 5:00 / Thursday & Friday 12:00 to 6:00

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Wachusett Brewing Company

Map – 175 State Road East – Westminster, MA

Wachusetts Growler

Tree House Brewing – Monson, MA

Tree House is quite possibly the furthest I have driven to visit a brewery but it was worth the trip. Look for a much longer post regarding Tree House under my Brewery Visits section of the blog and if you haven’t been what are you waiting for. 

Hours – Thursday & Friday 5 – 8 / Saturday 11 – 6

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Tree House Brewing

Map – 160 East Hill Rd – Monson, MA

Tree House Growlers

Trillium Brewing – Boston, MA

Trillium is making some excellent beer in Boston but I don’t make it into the city very often. Fortunately I have a connection that lives in Boston and makes frequent trips to Maine so I am able to get my Trillium beer. If you are in Boston be sure to stop by and grab some beer. The brewery is open 5 days a week.

Hours – Tuesday to Thursday 4:00 to 7:30 / Friday 12 – 7:30 / Saturday 12 – 6

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Trillium Brewing

Map – 369 Congress St – Boston, MA

Trillium Growlers

Newburyport Brewing – Newburyport, MA

Started going to Mass more often and my first brewery visit was Newburyport Brewing in Newburyport. They have a great brewery with live music a couple nights a week and excellent beer. They also write on your growler where you should enjoy it and what you should be doing while you enjoy their beer. Kind of a fun little addition to bringing home 64 ounces of great beer. 

Hours – Thursday & Friday 3 – 8 / Saturday 12 – 8

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Newburyport Brewing

Map – 4 New Pasture Rd – Newburyport, MA

Newburyport Brewing Growler

Riverwalk Brewing Company – Newburyport, MA

I actually purchased this beer a retail store in Newburyport but I plan on stopping by the brewery soon as this was a quality beer. 

Hours – Friday 3 – 7 / Saturday 12 – 4

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Riverwalk Brewing

Map – 3 Graf Rd – Newburyport, MA

Riverwalk Brewing Growler
Berkshire Brewing Company – South Deerfield, MAAlso purchased this one at a retail store and I can’t tell if they actually sell at the brewery or not. Hours – ??

Payments Accepted – Cash/Credit

Facebook Page – Berkshire Brewing

Map – 12 Railroad St – South Deerfield, MA

Berkshire Brewing Growler

Other Growlers

Lake Placid Pub & Brewery – Lake Placid, NY

This one came home with my brother in law full of their IPA. Solid beer and nice looking growler for the collection.

Lake Placid Growler

Rouge Ales – Newport, OR

Rogue distributes their Dead Guy Ale in growlers through their regular retail outlets. I grabbed on last fall from The Vault in Lewiston and was not disappointed. In addition to the very cool design it also glows in the dark.

Rogue Growler

Russian River Brewing – Santa Rosa, CA

One of my beer trading partners in New Hampshire got this gem shipped to him as part of a trade. When he was done with the beer he gave it to me for my collection. Would love to make the trip to California to visit Russian River and get it filled some day. 

Russian River Growler

Funky Buddha Brewery – Oakland Park, FL

Another growler from my trading friend in New Hampshire. This one came from Florida, have heard good things about Funky Buddha and would love to try their beer soon. 

 Funky Buddha

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