Funky Bow Beer Company – Lyman, ME

Funky Bow BuildingHad the chance to stop by another brewery that is starting up in Maine on Friday. This one is Funky Bow Beer Company in Lyman. Lyman is located between Biddeford and Sanford and is less than 30 minutes from Portland. The brewery is located in a converted garage and they had just received their tanks the day before I arrived.

Funky Bow FermenterFunky Bow is owned and operated by a father and son team; Paul and Abraham. When I arrived Abraham was working on some interior construction but was happy to take the time to show me the space and chat beer. A short time after I arrived Paul came down and gave me the tour of the entire premise which includes Sunset Farm’s many greenhouses where they grow greens for local restaurants year round.

Funky Bow BrewBoth Abraham and Paul seemed very excited to enter the craft beer scene in Maine and hope to be brewing beer in the next 30 days. In addition to the brand new tanks they also had a deliver of malt from Valley Malt. The grains were grown at Harris Farm in Dayton and then shipped to Valley for the malt processing. Paul and Abraham took a trip down to pick it up and plan on using it in their beer soon. At this time they expect to have an IPA, a pale ale and more interestingly an oatmeal milk stout, a smoked bourbon porter and a European style saison.

They plan on doing kegs for local restaurants and bars as well as 22 oz bottles and to sell growlers both at the brewery and at 2 farmers markets in Saco and Brunswick. No question Funky Bow will be small to start, in fact they claim to be the smallest brewery in Maine. Best of luck to both Paul and Abraham and I look forward to trying the beer in the coming months.

Website: Funky Bow Beer
Address: 21 Ledgewood Dr – Lyman, ME
Owners: Paul and Abraham Lorrain

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