Falling Behind

If you follow my blog you may have noticed things have been a little quiet around here. Been far too busy at work and home to keep up with all the beer reviews but hoping to get things back on track. Some of the reviews that I am finishing up now were actually beers I drank months ago. My process usually works like this; I get home from work, open a beer, take a picture and make some notes. Then I come back at some point edit the photo, add the links, expand on the notes, etc.

Probably not the most efficient process but I work long hours and while I enjoy drinking a beer almost every night actually writing a review at that time would be difficult. So I fall behind and then spend a Sunday afternoon getting caught up on all those reviews. This time it will take a few Sunday afternoons to get caught up but I have had some great beer over the past couple months so you will want to stay tuned. You can follow my Facebook Page or Twitter account to see what’s happening on a more regular basis but reviews will be coming soon.

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