Fall in Maine

Banded HornI know things have been a bit quiet around here but trust me things are about to get interesting. Fall is my favorite time of year in Maine and due to tons of activity in Maine beers scene the fall of 2013 should be a great one. In the next few months there are several new breweries that should be selling beer.

Gneiss Brewing in Limerick Maine should be the first one as their Facebook page mentioned a possible opening the second week of October. Beer has been brewed and the growlers are there so it is just a matter of waiting for that yeast to do its thing.

Banded Horn Brewery in Biddeford may be the next one to open as their brewers notice was approved and most of the equipment is on site or on its way to the brewery. Having recently tried Ian’s IPA (pictured above) I am very excited to get more beer from Banded Horn. Again beer will be available in growlers at the brewery.

Bissell Brothers Brewing Co.,  Foundation Brewing Company and Austin Street Brewery have all signed leases and are setting up equipment and preparing to brew at 1 Industrial Way in Portland. This is the same building that Maine Beer Co and Rising Tide Brewing started in. Bissell Brothers are hoping for a November launch based on their Facebook page. Not sure the timing on Foundation or Austin Street but fall technically does not end until December 20th so there is time.

In extreme Southern Maine we have SoMe Brewing Company in York, space has been leased, build out is happening and brewers notice applied for. Dave should have beer for the year round residents of Southern Maine in the coming months.

Moving further North, Tumbledown Brewing has finally found space, signed a lease and submitted their brewers notice. Again not sure they will open in the fall but it is possible. Even further north the Friar’s Brewhouse in Bucksport is now operating and selling beer at Bangor Wine and Cheese.

What a time to be a beer drinker in Maine. Keep an eye on my FB page, blog, etc for updates on all of these breweries and more.

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