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Ebenezer’s Pub Visit (4/16/2012)

I had heard and read great things about Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell, ME and finally made the trip on Monday to visit the pub. There were four of us that went; my wife, her sister and husband and myself and the original plan was for my brother in law and myself to stay at the pub while my wife and her sister went shopping but we ended up changing plans as the pub closed at 3:00 on Monday.

It was almost entirely empty when we arrived shortly after 1:00 and while we were there only 2 other patrons visited the pub. This was a great time for us to visit although we missed out on having lots of other beer drinkers in the pub with us. Tap list had 35 different beers including the four previously reviewed; Oxbow Saison Noel – Thornbridge Raven Black IPA – Stone Ruination DIPA  and Rogue XS Old Crustacean.

In addition to these 4 beers I sampled 2 others; not sure the names but the first was a Belgian Sour Ale which was truly sour but still very nice to drink and the other was a Belgian IPA which honestly smelled like a dumpster; spoiled milk, old trash, etc but had a fairly pleasant taste although it was nothing like an American IPA. Overall we had a great time at Ebenezer’s with quality food and prompt service by a waitress that seemed to know her beer. If you happen to make it to Maine and want to go to an out of the way pub and enjoy some quality beer be sure to visit Ebenezer’s.

Location: 44 Allen Rd – Lovell, ME 04051 – Map
Vary by season – please call
Kid Friendly: Yes
Facebook: Page
Twitter: @EbenezersPub
Owner’s Description: We may be located in a small Maine town, but we’ve always dreamed big. From day one, it was our goal to build the best beer pub in the world. So when Beer Advocate Magazine rated us the number one beer bar in America and the world for the last five years in a row, we knew we must be doing something right.