Cask & Vine – Derry, NH

First I have to admit I have not been to Cask & Vine since it actually opened but I was out there during the planning and construction process. The owners had a great vision for the space and based on the photos it looks like it came out great. I will update this post when I had a chance to go.

Location: 1.5 East Broadway – Derry, NH – Map
Tues – Thur 4:00 – 10:00 PM / Friday – Saturday 1:00 – 12:00 PM / Closed Sunday & Monday
Kid Friendly: ??
Facebook: Page
Twitter: @CaskandVine
Owner’s Description: Cask and Vine will offer beer and wine lovers a place to sit in a casual atmosphere and enjoy a glass of their favorite craft beer or small production wine without the noise and atmosphere of your average sports bar or pub scene.  Small cheeses, chocolates, fruits, wraps, sandwiches and the like can be paired with your beverage of choice.  It’s about an experience.  A nice place to be.

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