7 thoughts on “Breweries Coming Soon to Maine / New Hampshire”

  1. Love to keep in touch as I am on the board of N.H. craft brewers assoc. Thanks for the info.
    What is up with Giant Brewing and Great North Brewing both suppose to open in Manchester?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I have very little info on these two and have moved them to my sublist of breweries that may be dead in the water. Keep in touch and would love to grab a beer sometime. email or call me james@ghmagency.com or 207-446-2791.


    1. Thanks for the reminder, had been far too long since I updated but I have now removed Strong from the coming soon and added to the map of all Maine Breweries. Hope to be up to see you guys soon as I need to try your beer and a growler for the collection.

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