Blue Lobster Brewing

This is going to be a new segment on my blog with photos and details on breweries I visit. Most will be in Maine but some in New Hampshire and Vermont. The first brewery in the new format happens to be a brewery opening in North Hampton, NH. I met with the brewer David and we were able to talk beer in between an almost constant stream of people stopping at the door to ask when they were opening. David spent time working with Shaun at Hill Farmstead and there will be a lot of similarities in how these breweries operate. They will be offering both 750 ml and 2 liter growlers as well as some special bottle releases at the brewery. David also said most of their beer will be hop forward and should be consumed fresh.

One big difference is location; Blue Lobster is located in a strip mall on a very busy portion of Route 1 in Hampton, New Hampshire. This is a bit different than many breweries but it should work well with their plan to sell most of their beer directly from the brewery. They have  a beautiful tasting room that will seat approximately 40 and hope to have 6 beers on tap most of the time. I was not able to sample any of their beer while at the brewery but I am sure to be back when they open. Current plan is to be open mid-September,
check back here for more info and reviews of their beer when they do open.

Facebook Page:
Location:  845 Lafayette Rd – Hampton, NH
Growlers (750 ml / 2 L), limited bottle releases, kegs
 New Hampshire only 

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