Beer it Forward

Earlier this year I signed up to participate in a Beer It Forward put together by John at It involves 13 guys from different parts of the country, John shipped a package of local beers to someone on the list. That person then ships to someone else on the list not in their area and it continues on until everyone has received a package. My package arrived today from Joel at Four Saint Brewing  with lots of beer from North Carolina. Joel also included some Four Saints beers and lots of other great stuff. So excited to try this stuff and really appreciate John putting this all together. Also excited to ship out a package full of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont beer to some lucky person in another part of the country.

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  1. […] is the first of the North Carolina shipment I received as part of the Beer it Forward I participated in. This is a straight up American IPA with a light orange color and single finger […]

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