Maine Beer Trading

I am looking for some people in other parts of the country to exchange some local beer. Here is what I am thinking but I am open to other ideas.

There are many great craft brewers in Maine and New Hampshire and I can purchase and ship a variety or 6-pack of whatever you would like and you do the same. Priority Mail flat rate boxes are $10.95 or $14.95 depending on the size and you should be able to ship 4-6 beers per package. No exchange of money – you send me beer and I send you beer. Could be a great way for you to experience some of the quality beer from the Northeast and a way for me to sample some beer from other parts of the country.

Here are just a few of the local brewers websites. If there is anything that interests you let me know.

Gearys –
Grittys –
Sea Dog –
Allegash –
Baxter –
Sebago Brewing –
Kennebec River –
Shipyard –

Below is a good video on shipping beer, keep in mind the US Postal Service does not allow you to ship beer or wine so you must describe the package as something other than beer / wine. In the video he tells the Post Office he is shipping snow globes so they know it is fragile and liquid.

If you are interested leave your email address in comments here and I will send you a message.

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