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My name is James Sanborn and I am a beer geek and an insurance nerd. I have been in the insurance business and a craft beer drinker since 1993. One of my favorite beers in college was Geary’s Hampshire Special Ale back when it was a seasonal and the first extreme beer I had was a Samual Adams Triple Bock in 1997.

A few years ago I decided to document my journey through craft beer by starting this blog. Shortly after I realized there was a great group of craft beer people in Maine and beyond and quickly made lots of friends in the industry. Within a few months I decided to mix my business with my beer hobby and focus my efforts on insurance for the craft beer industry. The program has been far more successful than I anticipated which has led me to start New England Beer Insurance.

If there is a brew fest, bottle release or other beer related event you will probably see me there. If you know a brewer, bar or store owner or someone else in the craft beer industry please share my info with them – its easy just click the links below and send to them on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

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I sell insurance for a living and drink beer for fun. Helping to navigate the complex world of insurance while drinking world class beer.