840. Hoof Hearted Brewing Dragnsaddle

Hoof Hearted DragonsaddleThere are a couple of interesting stories relating to this brewery and their beer. First is the name which I assume came from a race horse from the mid-2000s named Hoof Hearted, see video at the bottom of this post for a chuckle. Second Hoof Hearted beer is highly sought after in Ohio with long lines at the brewery when they release cans. Here is a link to a story about the release of Dragonsaddle. For some unknown reason the brewery signed on with a distributor in Maine and we are now getting occasional shipments of cans from Ohio. Seems odd that a brewery that has long lines to buy their beer at the brewery would choose to set aside some of those cans to send them 800+ miles to Maine. This is the first beer from Hoof Hearted that I picked up at Bier Cellar in Portland.

Dragonsaddle is described as a triple IPA and comes in at a whopping 11.5% ABV. Very few IPAs I have reviewed even come close to this in terms of ABV with Ephraim from Hill Farmstead and Can’t Dog from Marshall Wharf being the only two that come to mind. Appearance is a slightly hazy orange with a decent white head that had good retention and left a lot of lacing. Aroma is dank, tropical and citrus. Taste follows with lots of citrus and tropical fruits; mango, pineapple, tangerine. Somehow there is no alcohol burn or taste at all in this beer which is amazing at 11.5% ABV.

This beer drinks like a 7% IPA but hits much harder. Dangerously smooth and drinkable. Very impressed with the first offering from Hoof Hearted and glad they decided to send some of their dank offerings to Maine. 
Drinkable even at 11.5%
Alcohol Content: 11.5% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 128
Brewery Website: Hoof Hearted Brewing
Brewery Social Media: FB20 twitter20 insta
Brewer’s Description: The strong “herbal” aroma sends you back to freshman year catching a ride to school in your weird burnout neighbor’s ……. (insert your fav. El Camino, IROC, Firebird) whilst being bombarded by the sounds of Van Halen (DLR era, none of that Sammy Hagar synthy love song bullshit). DANKSOME!

The flavor profile is full-on drippingly ripe tropical fruits: Mango, guava, papaya, and citrus. Juicy, refreshing, and deceptive. We would highly recommend wearing a helmet & supportive cup when mounting the Dragonsaddle.

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