839. Hill Farmstead Madness & Solitude

Hill Farmstead Madness & SolitudeHill Farmstead made this beer as part of their 5th anniversary celebration. They took Ephraim, one of my all time favorite beers, and aged it in second and third use bourbon barrels. Those of you that follow me know I am not big on bourbon barrel aged beers but I had to try this one.

Madness & Solitude pours a burnt orange with a wispy white head that dissipates quickly. Aroma was quite a bit different than Ephraim with a lot of oak and vanilla coming through with muted hops and a fair amount of booze. Upon the first sip, and I do mean sip as this is a BIG beer, you get big oak flavors, vanilla and some of those citrus hops that I love so much. The finish is boozy and seemed to be full of bourbon but that may just be my over sensitive palate since I don’t drink bourbon and rarely drink bourbon barrel aged beers. The same thing often happens when I drink a coffee beer, all I can taste is coffee.

I enjoyed this beer and drank two 750s over a weekend, not in the same night, but I would have preferred straight up Ephraim without the bourbon barrel aging. Interesting and I’m glad I got to try it as we may not see it again.
Alcohol Content: 10.5% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewery Website: Hill Farmstead
Brewery Social Media: FB20 twitter20 insta
Brewer’s Description: In March of 2015 (our Fifth Anniversary), we brewed our Imperial IPA (Ephraim) and then aged it in second and third use bourbon barrels with the intent of an experimental anniversary release.  In the spirit of the holidays, we offer you this double dry hopped, oak aged Imperial IPA. 10.5% abv.

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