833. Trillium Brewing Deciduous

Trillium Brewing DeciduousI am not a big fan of red ales but after how much I enjoyed Ma from Tree House I decided to open this bottle from Trillium. This beer may be my least favorite beer to date from Trillium but that’s not saying much as they have all been exceptional.

Deciduous pours a deep amber with a reasonably thick off white head. Aroma is pine, toffee and pretty sweet. Taste was too sweet for my tastes with some piney hops and a reasonably bitter finish.

Overall a well made beer that just didn’t do it for me. If you enjoy red ales than you will likely enjoy this one.
Alcohol Content: 8.0% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewery Website: Trillium Brewing
Brewery Social Media: FB20 twitter20 insta
Brewer’s Description: We brew Deciduous to welcome the return of Autumn and celebrate New England’s changing foliage. This imperial red ale is russet-amber and fills the nose with pleasant aromas of fresh baked bread, pine sap, and floral citrus. Deciduous embodies the seasonal transition from summer to winter with an earth, lemon and spicy pine aroma balanced on the palate with a hearty malt character and clean, refreshing bitterness. Deciduous is medium in body and dry on the finish.

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