831. Gilgamesh Brewing Fresh Prince

Gilgamesh Fresh PrinceThis is another beer from Paul given to me on my 40th birthday. Gilgamesh is an entirely new brewery for me, had not even heard of them before getting this beer but apparently someone at the brewery must like the show Fresh Prince of Bel Air as they have a couple beers with names relating to the show; this one, DJ Jazzy Hef and then a few others with movie references. Always interesting to see how breweries come up with the names for their beer.

Generally I am not impressed with wet hopped beers. It seems like a great idea, pick some hops from the bine, toss them into a beer and enjoy. Unfortunately the end result is not as hoppy as you would expect. Fresh Prince is described as a triple wet hopped double IPA so my expectations were high.

Great looking beer with a clear deep orange and off white head. Aroma was caramel malts and a bit of pine, overall pretty underwhelming for a double IPA. Taste moved away from the pine with a lot of flower and lemon zest. Finish had a fair amount of alcohol considering it is only 7.8% ABV.

Overall this is one of the better fresh hopped IPAs I have tried but still not a beer I would seek out again. 

Alcohol Content: 7.8% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 87
Brewers Website: Gilgamesh Brewing
Brewers Description: A double IPA brewed with copious amountss of Centennial hops fresh off the vines. This triple wet-hopped ale has a golden color, short-lived bitterness, and an astounding aroma.

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