826. Trillium Brewing Citra Dry Hopped Sunshower Super Saison

Trillium Sunshower Super SaisonI enjoy a good saison and Trillium’s saison, also called Trillium, is a very good straight up saison. On one of my recent trips to Boston they had this Citra Dry Hopped version of Sunshower which is classified as a super saison due to its higher than normal 8.5% ABV. The only other “super” saison review that I can think of is Lively Brewing’s Magic Mike which came in at a whopping 11% ABV.

Sunshower pours a nice clear orange with a very thick white head, much cleaner than other beers I have reviewed from Trillium. Aroma is an interesting mix of citrus and lemon, spice and earthy notes from the saison yeast. Taste leans more toward the saison side with some pepper, earthy, floral notes – the Citra hops seem to be lost for the most part. The alcohol was more apparent as the beer warmed a bit but that is to be expected for an 8.5% ABV beer.

Overall a solid beer but with so many exceptional beers being brewed at Trillium it is unlikely I will buy this one again. 

Alcohol Content: 8.5% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Trillium Brewing
Brewers Description: Sunshower is our Super Saison, a high-gravity farmhouse ale inspired by the ethereal refreshing mid-summer moments when we experience both rainfall and the heat of the sun in New England. Similar to our flagship Trillium, the mouthfeel is light and effervescent with a bright, golden hue. We allow the fermentation temperature to free-rise that favors the saison yeast strain’s in the blend to realize its full attenuation potential which results in a dry beer with strength and complexity. Layers of pepper and earthy characteristics that play nice with the crisp, smooth backbone of a pilsner and wheat malt bill.

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