824. Lost Nation Brewing The Wind

Lost Nation The WindI travel to Vermont often and for the past couple of years we have made the trip out for Hill Farmstead’s Festival of Farmhouse Ales a two day trip spending the night in Montpelier on Friday and then heading to Hill on Saturday for the event. Each time we spent a significant amount of time (and money) at Three Penny Taproom eating and drinking some great beer. The highlight of this years trip to Three Penny was The Wind from Lost Nation. Before going to Three Penny I had no idea this beer even existed but after having it I knew I had to find some bottles. Fortunately a few months later Lost Nation released another batch and I made a point to visit the brewery to grab some bottles.

For those that don’t know The Wind is Lost Nation’s Gose dry hopped with Citra and grapefruit added. Their Gose is excellent by itself but add some more hops and grapefruit and it makes it even better. Appearance is a pale yellow with a thick white head that disappeared quickly leaving a small rim around the glass, pretty typical of the gose style. Aroma give you a nice mix of citrus and grapefruit, no real surprise there. The Citra hops are essentially lost in the flavor leaving a tasty gose with plenty of grapefruit. Carbonation is low but seems intentional.

This beer is every bit as refreshing as the original Gose and bit more flavorful with the grapefruit coming through nicely. Excellent beer and if someone out there happens to have the Brett version of this beer let me know as I would really like to try it.
Alcohol Content: ??% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Lost Nation Brewing
Brewers Description: Introducing our latest bottled beer, The Wind. The Wind is our classic Gose dry hopped with Citra hops and grapefruit. Some of you may have had this beer in the past as a cask beer. Well we liked it so much that we figured out how to bottle it.

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