820. Neighborhood Beer Company Alien Garden

Neighborhood Beer Co Alien GardenThis may have been my favorite of the three beers I tried from Neighborhood Beer Company. They describe it as a light brown ale which is a fair description of the appearance but it certainly does not taste like an American Brown Ale.

Appearance is a deep copper which could be considered light brown with a finger thick white head. Aroma was pretty light but what was there was bready and pleasant. Taste was also malt forward but relatively light for a brown ale style. You don’t get the big roasted malt or nutty flavors often associated with a brown ale but you do get a malt forward beer that is super smooth and easy to drink.

Really enjoyable but from a style that I don’t drink often so not something that I will seek out again. 

Alcohol Content: 4.9% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 35
Brewers Website: Neighborhood Beer Company
Brewers Description: Alien Garden Light Brown Ale is a smooth and refreshing style featuring a nice herbal finish. This well-balanced ale is made in the style of a Westphalian country ale from western Germany. A limited release style, get your Alien Garden now because it might never return.

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