815. Deciduous Brewing Aggregation

Deciduous Brewing AggregationI have been really enjoying the variety of low ABV and very flavorful beers being introduced by many breweries which includes several gose style beers. Aggregation from Deciduous may be the lowest ABV gose so far at only 2.4% ABV.

Love the clean pale yellow of this beer with only a small halo of a head, pretty typical of the gose style. Aroms is a great mix of spice and lemon. Taste is slightly tart with more lemon than coriander and very little salt coming through.

A super easy drinking beer that you can enjoy any time of day and also have more than one without having to worry about driving home. Really excellent beer and looking forward to trying Cumulation their gose at 4.5% ABV. 
Flavorful and low ABV
Alcohol Content: 2.4% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Deciduous Brewing (Facebook page)
Brewers Description: Our interpretation of a Table Gose. Brewed with acidulated malts, 60% white wheat, fresh coriander from Stock & Spice in Portsmouth, NH, and sea salt varieties from Salt Cellar in Portsmouth, NH. Think a gentle lemonade made with Moroccan preserved lemons.

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