807. Burlington Beer Co Bumbleberry Saison

Burlington Beer Bumblebeery SaisonI am part of Burlington Beer’s bottle reserve club for the first two years. Most are beers that can be aged so I have not reviewed many from the first 18 months of the club. Bumbleberry Saison is a fruit beer best enjoyed fresh so I decided to open this one shortly after picking it from the brewery. I also wanted to open it shortly after Seed from Bissell to compare the two. What I found were two entirely different beers.

Bumbleberry Saison is a big saison at 9% ABV and just packed full of fruit flavor. The color is a very deep red almost purple with a thin pinkish head. Not sure I have had a beer this color before. Aroma is loaded with fresh berries, hard to identify any one fruit in particular but they are all there. The first thing you notice in the taste is a solid base saison but then the fruit comes in and just doesn’t stop. At 9% I sipped on this one for a while and it changed a bit as it warmed. The alcohol was more noticeable as it warmed but still relatively well hidden.

Overall this was an interesting beer but again a style that just doesn’t too much for me. Looking forward to the others in my ever expanding collection of Burlington Beer bottles.
Alcohol Content: 9.0% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Burlington Beer
Brewers Description: Saison Royale brewed with Real Fruit. Deep in the forests of an undiscovered land, on the tallest tree you can see, grows a fruit that ripens but only once a year on the night of the harvest moon. The ever elusive, Bumbleberry. We’ve spent years researching where and when to find this fruit to add to our Saison Royale. Bright berry fruit flavors explode with balanced malt and yeast flavors. This beer is meant to be enjoyed in the summer of 2015. Share with the ones you love. Less than 200 bottles available at brewery only.

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