804. Bissell Brothers Brewing Seed

Bissell Brothers Seed 2Bissell Brother’s beers always create quite a buzz but the hype around Seed may have exceeded all others. This was on their can release schedule for the summer and was pushed back a couple of weeks due to delays in hop shipment. Eventually the beer was brewed and release date set. The lines were long and purchases were limited to two $18 4-packs per person.

Almost immediately after it was released people started to Bissell Brothers Seed 1comment they were disappointed in the beer. I think those that were disappointed didn’t know what Seed was supposed to be. This is not a sour fruit beer like those from Allagash and it is not a berliner weiss style beer that often have fruit added; it is a relatively simple fruit beer and it was good for what it was.

Seed pours a deep red with minimal carbonation and almost no head. Aroma and flavor are both fresh raspberry with very little else going on. The strawberries seem to have been lost or simply over powered by the raspberries. Finish is sweet and refreshing.

Overall I enjoyed the beer for what it was but prefer sour and berliner style fruit beers. Seed felt too much like wine or fermented fruit juice for me to want more than one. I still have a couple cans in the fridge if anyone missed out and wants to try this beer. 
Alcohol Content: 6.0% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Bissell Brothers
Brewers Description: We crafted an ale with a half-ton of pesticide-free, Maine-grown strawberries and raspberries from our friends at the Bradbury Mountain Berry Farm in Pownal.

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