797. Barreled Souls Brewing Space Gose

Barreled Souls Space GoseSpace Gose is a beer that Barreled Souls often brings to brewfests and it is always a big hit. The first time I had it was at the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp brewfest in July 2014 and then again at Baxter Brewing’s brewfest in Lewiston this year. I sent many people to their booth to try it and all reported back that it was one of their favorite beers at the fest. One of the last times I was at the brewery they had it available for growler fills so I brought one home to share with my wife who also loves Space Gose.

Appearance is a deep orange gold color with almost no head or lacing but that is typical of the style. Aroma has lots of coriander, pepper and a bit of lemon. Taste is very nice mix of those same spices, lemon zest and a light tart finish. Gose is such an interesting style and while this one is not as tart as Westbrook Brewing Gose it is still very good and something you should try. Also Barreled Souls brewery is one of the coolest spots to visit so stop in if you are in the Saco area.
Alcohol Content: 4.9% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Barreled Souls
Brewers Description: Our variation on traditional Leipziger Gose, a tart and slightly sour ale made with 80% wheat malt and accented with coriander, Maine sea salt and lemon zest.

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