790. Lord Hobo Brewing Ball & Biscuit

Lord Hobo Ball & BiscuitLord Hobo Ball BiscuitInteresting that the bitterness of these beers seems to be what I remember more than the hops. It also seems to be switching back and forth from the start to the finish.

Ball & Biscuit is another nice looking beer with a deep copper color and nice white cap. Aroma had a little more hop that the first two but still relatively mild. Taste was actually a little less pleasant the first two with a very sweet start and a big bitter finish that lingered for a long time. Carbonation was a bit higher than the first two beers.

Possibly my least favorite of the four beer released.

Alcohol Content: 8.0% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Lord Hobo Brewing
Brewers Description: Hoppy ale, peach & papaya w/ a clean finish

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