788. Lord Hobo Brewing Consolation Prize

Lord Hobo Brewing Consolation PrizeThe next 4 reviews all come from Lord Hobo Brewing and all are the initial releases of the beers as I was there on opening day to grab a growler of this one and cans of the three other offerings. My understanding is things have changed a bit since the initial releases so I will have to go back in and try these again. In fact in this recent story from The Boston Globe the owner of Lord Hobo claimed the beer was only at 65% of where he wants it to be.

Consolation Prize has the highest ABV of the four beers initially released by Lord Hobo and was the only one not available in cans. The description (see below) says that it is big juicy hops and with an ABV in excess of 9% I was hoping for great things. What I got was a very nice looking beer with minimal aroma compared to other DIPAs. Taste was also a bit of let down with quite a bit of caramel sweetness and a big bitter finish. Some noticeable alcohol in the aroma and taste as it warmed.

Overall not a bad beer but seems like there is room for improvement. Hoping to get down to Woburn again soon to give it another shot. 

Alcohol Content: 9.5% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Lord Hobo Brewing
Brewers Description: Hoppy ale, big juicy hops, hints of stone fruit

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