772. Modern Times Beer Booming Rollers

Modern Time Booming RollersThese next few posts are going to be relatively short as they are all beers that I received in a box from someone that I exchange beer with occasionally so I do not know a lot about the breweries. There were some very good beers included in the box so I wanted to put something up.

Modern Times is based in San Diego California and Blooming Rollers is their single IPA which comes in at 6.8% ABV. The beer is relatively light in color with a solid white head and a lot of lacing. Aroma was relatively mild with some citrus and tropical notes but overall underwhelming. Taste was excellent and really what saved this beer. Loads of citrus, tropical and lesser amounts of pine, floral and grassy hops. A lot of different hop flavors coming out of this one.

Overall a very good beer and I am betting it would be even better if you had straight from the brewery. 
Lots of flavor
Cons: Mild aroma
Alcohol Content: 6.8% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 75
Brewers Website: Modern Times
Brewers Description: Booming Rollers is a showcase for the juicy awesomeness of Citra hops. These new wave American hops impart a remarkable aroma and flavor, which we’ve amplified with the dark stone fruit character of New Zealand-grown Motueka hops. Some Centennial is thrown in to balance the tropical fruit party, and the malt body is just assertive enough to support Booming Rollers’ snappy bitterness. It’s a party in your mouth and all the beautiful people are invited.

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