771. Fiddlehead Brewing Second Fiddle

Second FiddleFiddlehead makes some great beer and I need to make it to the brewery more often. This is my fourth beer from them and all have been excellent. My favorite so far has been Mastermind but the Hodad Porter and their single IPA were also excellent.

I will compare Mastermind and Second Fiddle as they are both DIPAs from Fiddlehead but they are entirely different beers. Appearance is much darker than Mastermind with a deep orange and small off white head. Aroma and flavor are more herbal, dank, pine versus Mastermind which was more of a tropical/citrus.

Mouthfeel, carbonation, etc were all perfect making this a very nice beer. Only reason I prefer Mastermind to Second Fiddle is the juicy fruits instead of the pine and herbs I get from this one. Both beers are excellent and it really depends on what you life from your hops.  

Alcohol Content: 8.2% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 80
Brewers Website: Fiddlehead Brewery
Brewers Description: Big, juicy, Double IPA.

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