762. Funky Buddha Brewing Floridian

Funky Buddha FloridianI can’t even remember how this beer ended up in my fridge, probably an extra in a trade but I was excited to try it as I enjoy the hefeweizen style. This style is great when the weather gets warm so I was hoping a brewery from Florida would make a good one.

Floridian pours a slightly hazy orange with almost no head that disappeared right away. Aroma is typical of the style; banana, clove and slightly sweet. Taste is wheat and clove. The beer seemed heavier than it needed to be which made it not as refreshing as I had hoped.

Completely average beer and many better options in the style.

Alcohol Content: 5.2% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Funky Buddha
Brewers Description: Our unfiltered and refreshing German-style wheat beer is full on flavor yet light on the palate. Authentic hefeweizen yeast creates the compelling aromas of bananas, citrus, and cloves, while the all wheat and malt body perfectly captures the brilliance of a golden Florida sunset.

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