751. SoMe Brewing Apostrophe IPA

Some Brewing Apostrophe IPASmall update to this post SoMe Brewing has started to can a few of their beers including Apostrophe IPA. I bought a 4-pack and drank it over the course of a couple weeks and the beer actually seemed to get better over the course of a couple weeks. Really easy drinking IPA with loads of Mosaic hop flavors.

Some Brewing ApostropheDave from SoMe Brewing gave me this beer to try when I met with him at The Great Lost Bear. It is one of their best selling beers and a bit different than most of the IPAs out there. All Mosaic hops for this beer but unlike many single hop beers Mosaic works well for all three components; aroma, flavor and bittering.

Apostrophe pours a deep orange with minimal head and very light on the carbonation. Aroma has lots of tropical fruits and hints of onion. Taste switches gears entirely with some pear and a bit of citrus but the beer is also very sweet. Bitterness is light for an IPA.

Overall a pleasant beer that I recommend you try.
Mosaic hops
Cons: Needs more carbonation
Alcohol Content: 6.0% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: SoMe Brewing
Brewers Description: Mosaic hopped IPA

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