746. Austin Street Brewery Brett Loves Hops

Austin Street Brett Loves HopsThis is the second batch of Brett Loves Hops using only Nelson Sauvin hops. I missed out on the first batch as it sold out the same day it was released but I was able to grab two bottles of this batch, one for now and one for later even though the brewer says not to age it.

Brett Loves Hops looks like your typical IPA with a nice orange color and bright white head that is probably a little thicker than most. Aroma is a nice mix white grapes and a slight funk from the brett. Taste follows with the brett taking a back seat to the fruity hops. I enjoyed this beer but I think I will like it even more when the brett has taken control. Will update this review when I try it again in 6-8 months.
Alcohol Content: 6.8% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Austin Street Brewery
Brewers Description: Brett Loves Hops is an IPA fermented with brettanomyces. This will be a rotating series of beers with the hops changing from batch to batch.  The beer is named for the way brettanomyces and hops interplay and compliment each other so well.  When used as 100% of the primary yeast brett lends big tropical, overripe fruit flavors and aromas to the final beer.  We will work hard to choose the best hops to compliment those flavors.  Despite containing brettanomyces this is still an IPA and is meant to be enjoyed fresh.  We do not recommend aging this beer, but if you must have the signature barnyard funk that comes from aging, you will do so at the cost of hop flavor and aroma.

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