736. Port Brewing Mongo IPA

Port Brewing Mongo IPAThis was the final IPA included in my box from New Jersey and like the others it is probably not a fair review as I am not sure how old the bottle was. This beer should be right up my alley with an ABV of 8.5% and a nice mix of hops however it seemed to be lacking.

Appearance is what I expect from a DIPA with a deep orange and thick off white head. Aroma was more malt than hops with a nice sweetness and only a hint of spicy / floral hops. Taste followed with the addition of some pine.

Overall a solid beer that may have suffered due to age but I prefer the citrus / tropical hops to the floral / pepper / spice.

Alcohol Content: 8.5% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Port Brewing
Brewers Description: A tribute beer brewed to honor the memory of our fallen soldier Columbus (nicknamed Mongo) who used each of his 9 lives in his short (but brazen) ten months on this planet.

Mongo begins with a massive resinous aroma created by the judicious use of Columbus, Amarillo and Cascade hops. The initial taste reveals notes of Orange, Mango and citrus fruits with a piney bitterness and hoppy spice with some mild malt flavors on the finish.

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